New MSI Tool for Analyzing Your Security Program

MSI is proud to release a new tool to help security managers analyze the overall balance, maturity and capability of their security program. The new tool is a simple matrix based around quantifying the amount of controls, efforts and processes you are employing.

Using the tool as brainstorming aid is also possible. Security engineers have told us that the process works for them to analyze particular applications and other security undertakings. Simply build out the matrix on paper or in your chosen office product and it should help you clarify where your security initiative stands.

Effective, mature security programs should be well rounded in the matrix and should be well balanced between all of the cells. They also tend to balance out between strategic and tactical approaches.

Feel free to give us feedback on this project and let us know if we can answer any questions you may have.

You can obtain the relevant file here.


It is licensed under Creative Commons. Check out the PDF for details.

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