Toata Scanning for Zen Shopping Cart with Brain File – Updated

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, then you know about our ongoing efforts to help stem the tide of web application infections. Here is another example of this effort in action.

A couple of days ago the HITME began tracking a series of new scans that are circulating from the Toata bot network. These new scans appear to be aimed at cataloging systems that are running the Zen shopping cart application. As per usual behavior of these tools, it appears that the cataloging is automated and then later, exploitation occurs from either another piece of code or human intervention.


Above is a link to a brain file for the Web application scanner that we produce called BrainWebScan. You can use this tool and the brain file above to scan your own servers for implementations of the Zen shopping cart. If you identify servers that have the Zen shopping cart installed, careful review of these systems should be conducted to examine them for signs of compromise. Reviews of the logs for the string “Toata” will identify if the system has already been scanned by this particular attack tool. However, other attack tools are being used that do not create specific named strings in the log files. The vulnerability that these tools are seeking to eventually exploit is unknown at this time, may be an old vulnerability or exploit, or could potentially be a new and previously unknown vulnerability.

Users of the Zen cart application are encouraged to ensure that they are following the best practices for securing the application. The application should be kept up-to-date and the Zen cart vendor website should be carefully monitored for future updates and known issues. Additional monitoring, vigilance and attention to servers running the Zen cart application should be performed at this time. It is probably not a bad idea to have these systems assessed for currently known vulnerabilities in their operating system, content management application and other web components.

If you would like assistance checking your web application or vulnerability assessment performed on your web application, please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance.

PS: You can download BrainWebScan for Windows from here:

Here are an additional set of gathered targets:


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  1. if he application is kept up-to-date the Zen cart vendor website and it can be carefully monitored for the future updates of the known issues, then it will be very benificial

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