Code of Conduct Research

We have begun working on another project around helping organizations better protect their information assets and the reputations of both their employees and their firms at large. As part of that project, we would like to solicit some feedback from the readership of the blog. 

Does your organization have a code of conduct for employees? Does is have a written code of conduct for management, board members and/or public relations campaigns? 

Is it a living code of conduct or is it a stagnant piece of policy? How often is it updated? Does it cover social media presence, community engagement and/or public perception of the firm or individual?

Who audits the code of conduct and how is it monitored for violations? 

Please feel free to give us your thoughts on the code of conduct and which industry you are in. We are taking responses via email (info <at> microsolved <dot> com) or via Twitter (@lbhuston). 

Thanks for responding. Responses will be entered into a random drawing for a Starbucks gift card, so respond for a chance to win some java goodness. 🙂

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