Flu Pandemic Begins Early in Japan and Could Accellerate US Season

According to this article, just published, the flu season has unexpectedly begun early in Japan.

The WHO has fears that this outbreak could also hasten the beginning of flu season here in the US. This puts additional pressure on the health systems to prepare for vaccinations and on the producers of the vaccines to push forward as quickly as possible.

As we have previously mentioned, it is a good idea for organizations to prepare a pandemic plan to handle outages of staff or remote working arrangements in preparation for the H1N1 flu and other natural emergencies of similar scope. Please, take the time to review your plans, test them effectively or create these plans as soon as practical.

Keep an eye on the WHO and CDC news channels to stay abreast of flu trends and any patterns or new developments. Here are links to their sites.

WHO and the CDC sites.

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