Malware in Many Places


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Just a quick reminder that malware can come in many forms and from many places. These days, it isn’t just phishing, drive-by downloads and stray email attachments that you have to worry about. USB drives, digital picture frames, wireless devices, watches with USB plugs, exercise equipment with public “charge and data monitoring ports” and whole variety of other things.

Basically, today, if it can plug into your systems or talk to your network and has any kind of processing, memory or storage – it can likely carry malware. That’s certainly something to keep in mind as the “Internet of Things” becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. 

All of the usual defenses still apply, but today we need more than just anti-virus to keep us safe. We have to be using a variety of security controls from throughout the spectrum of prevention, detection and response. Since malware can be everywhere, so too must our vigilance against it. 

PS – Those of you with teens and older parents who use/depend on electronics and computers should discuss malware and safer computing with them. They likely have an entirely different risk profile than you do, and they may not be paying as much attention to the impacts that these attacks can have or where they can come from. They may be doing risky things without even knowing it. Talk to them about malware and help keep them safer in the online world.

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