MicroSolved, Inc. Adds Threat Expert Bill Hagestad to Team

Columbus, Ohio; April 10, 2013 –MicroSolved, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Bill Hagestad to the team. Bill is one of the most internationally recognized subject matter experts regarding the People’s Republic of China and her use of the computer as a weapon system.

Prior to joining MSI, Bill created the Red Dragon Rising website which is dedicated to the identification and analysis of foreign language cyber threats. He has authored numerous papers related to the People’s Republic of China and the cyber demagoguery that revolves around the Middle Kingdom. Bill literally wrote the book on Chinese cyber warfare ~ “21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare”, which is available on Amazon.com. The international intelligence, law enforcement and military experience from the cyber realm that Bill brings to MicroSolved is a very welcome addition to MSI’s industry leading
capabilities offered to clients for more than twenty years.


“We are very excited about Bill joining the team and about his emerging role in developing new relationships and offerings for our clients.”, said Brent Huston, CEO of MicroSolved. “With our growth in the critical infrastructure markets in the last several years and our continued focus on bringing rational information security products and services to ICS asset owners, utilities, government agencies and banks/credit unions, Bill brings us significant additional threat intelligence and educational capabilities. After turning 20 years old last November, we wanted to position MicroSolved to bring new, even more valuable insights to our customers and the community – and that begins with deep knowledge about the global threat landscape.”, he added.

About MicroSolved, Inc.

MicroSolved, Inc. was founded in 1992, making it one of the most experienced information security services companies in the world. Providing risk assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing and security intelligence to organizations of all sizes has been their passion for more than two decades. MSI are the inventors of HoneyPoint Security Server, a patented honeypot intrusion detection platform designed for nuance and anomaly detection. Today, they secure businesses on a global scale and still provide expertise close to home. From governments to the Fortune 500 and from small business to YOUR business, they are the security experts you can trust.  

Press Contacts

Brent Huston

CEO & Security Evangelist

(614) 351-1237 x201


Bill Hagestad

Senior Cyber Security Strategist

(614) 351-1237 x 250


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