Press Release: MSI Launches HoneyPoint Console 3.50

MicroSolved, Inc. continues to make HoneyPoint Security Server more efficient. The new HoneyPoint Console 3.5 gives more capability to the security team to easily drill down for more data and export that data to a CSV file. A more powerful report functionality now means security teams get the results they need more quickly to secure their environment against intrusion.

HoneyPoint Console 3.5, software helps organizations detect true attacks on their system and has been upgraded with several new features. New interface enhancements have been added, making it easier to manage HoneyPoint data. A new data filtering engine has also been added, allowing the user to export data to a CSV file. Hash trusting for HoneyPoint Wasps has been added, bringing a new capability for Enterprise users to more easily manage accepted and trusted executables around their system populations. Wasp is now quieter and easier to use, further reducing data load. A round of general bug fixes and visual enhancements are also included.

“We’re proud of HoneyPointʼs ability to identify compromised systems that other tools
and techniques would have shown to be OK, leaving systems online and under attacker
control for a longer period than needed,” said Brent Huston, CEO and Security
Evangelist for MicroSolved. “With HoneyPoint Console 3.5, you can more quickly and
easily take compromised machines away from the attacker and significantly raise the
bar in what they have to do to compromise your environment, avoid detection and steal
your data.”

To learn more about HoneyPoint Console 3.5 and how it can help an organization
protect their network, please visit our website.

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