New Twitter Feed of “Bad Touches” Available

For those of you interested in security, black listing or HoneyPoint stuff, check this out.

I used the TweetCLI tool I blogged about earlier to write a HoneyPoint Security Server plugin. The plugin fires for each event and tweets the attacker IP and source port that the deployed HoneyPoints covered by this console saw.

There are several hosts and networks reporting HoneyPoint alerts to this console. All of these HoneyPoints are Internet exposed, so you should be able to see some basic sources of scans, probes and malware attacks.

I am not presently publishing the payloads, though I may in other ways in the future or show aggregate data in some manner.

The basis for the “bad touches” is that these are hosts and ports not truly offering any services, thus any interaction with them could be considered suspicious at best and malicious at worst. An IP address will only be tweeted once per 24 hour period currently, regardless of the amount of interaction it has with HoneyPoints reporting to this console.

You can watch the stream via the web at or by following @honeypoint on twitter. There could be a lot of tweets depending on attack trafffic, so know that up front.

Please let me know if you like the feed, any plans or ways you can think of that it might be helpful to you or other feedback. We are offering this up to the community and we hope that it is helpful to those interested in HoneyPoints, security trending and/or black list generation.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading!

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