Ask The Security Experts: Mobile Policy

This time around, the experts offer insights on this question:

Q: “Dear Experts, what are the key things I need to keep in mind when I write my company’s mobile security policy?” — MK

John Davis starts us off with:

I would say the most important thing is to actually write your own policy; don’t just copy a generic mobile security policy from the Internet and adopt it as your own. For a mobile security policy to be effective, it needs to be tailored to meet your organizations particular information security requirements and also needs to reflect the reality of mobile device use at your organization. It won’t do you much good to forbid using mobile devices for business purposes if you have no mechanisms in place to prevent or detect such uses. Effective information security policy, like effective statute law, is both practical and enforceable.

Adam Hostetler added:

Keep in mind what kind of current security policies you have, and try to apply that to the mobile sphere. Users need to understand that they are connecting an additional computer to the network, and not just a “phone”. Keep in mind also what kind of deployment you are using. Is it bring your own device, or is it company provided? There will be different policies and procedures for each method and possible user backlash depending on how you are doing this.

As always, thanks to the experts for weighing in, and to the readers for the questions. Keep them coming!

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