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Recently, I taught a class on Handling Unknown Binaries to the local ISSA chapter and the feedback was excellent. I have talked to many folks who have asked if this class was available for their infosec teams, help desk folks and IT staff on a group by group basis. I am thrilled to announce today that the MSI team is making that same class available to companies and other groups.

The course abstract is as follows:

This is a hands on class and a laptop is required (you will need either strings for windows/Cygwin or regular Linux/OS X). This class is oriented towards assisting practitioners in covering the basics of how to handle and perform initial analyses of an unknown binary. Course will NOT cover reverse engineering or any disassembly, but will cover techniques and basic tools to let a security team member do a basic risk assessment on a binary executable or other file. Given the volume of malware, various means of delivery, and rapidly changing threats, this session will deliver relevant and critical analytical training that will be useful to any information security team.

The course is available for scheduling in early September and can be taught remotely via Webex or onsite for a large enough group. 

To learn more about this and other training that MSI can conduct, please drop us a line at info[at]microsolved[dot]com or give an account executive a call at (614) 351-1237. You can also engage with me directly on the content and other questions on Twitter (@lbhuston). 

As always, thanks for reading and stay safe out there.

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