Red Dragon Rising in the Republic of China (ROC)…Taiwan for HITCON 2013

Good morning from Taipei, Republic of China – (ROC) Taiwan –

MicroSolved will be presenting at HITCON 2013 here in Taipei this week, among visits to other ‘agencies’…if you are here in Asia and can attend HITCON 2013 this week – please do and drop by to say ‘hello’ as Red Dragon Rising presents entirely in Mandarin Chinese…

Of particular note for today’s Asian Cyber Threat Intelligence SA are stories about the US targeting Chinese Cyber spies…interesting mention in the WSJ about offensive uses of cyber weapons directed at the People’s Republic of China…is the US prepared for the 2nd & 3rd order effects of this type of cyber targeting?

U.S. government and Internet providers target Chinese cyberspies

Google China Boss John Liu Quits, New Successor Named…it doesn’t seem like a good idea for Google to place a foreigner with no China experience to be taking the role in such a tough market…
Illustrated Guide to the Slowing Economy in the People’s Republic of China

Discovering Names Of Secret NSA Surveillance Programs Via LinkedIn | Techdirt

EU Commissioner: We Don’t Want U.S. Reading Our Mail and Listening to Our Phone Calls
The growing National Security scandal is poised to spark even stronger data-protection laws in Europe…

Twitter’s Surveillance Resistance while Google and others have built online systems to help the N.S.A.’s data gathering

How much space would the filing cabinets of the Stasi and the NSA use up, if the NSA would print out their 5 Zettabytes?
Stasi versus NSA – How much space would the filing cabinets use up?
Travellers’ mobile phone data seized by UK police (Special Branch) @ border – Telegraph

Enjoy tomorrow’s Cyber SA today from Taipei!

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