September TouchDown Task: Policy Quick Review

This month’s touchdown task is to review your information security related policies and procedures. Whether you, your team, or human resources are responsible for updating and maintaining information security policies, we suggest you review these documents every quarter, or at least every six months to ensure your policies keep pace with legislation, pertinent guidance and ever-changing technology. Even if your organization utilizes a company wide revision process, we suggest you carve out a few hours this month to begin to review the infosec policies.

Start by reading all the policies related to information security. Note those that require significant updates.
Next, research changes in legislation or technology that might affect your policies. Note the pertinent changes.
Seek feedback from your colleagues and managers.
Using the information gained, revise the necessary policies or document your suggestions for the company-wide revision process.
Either obtain necessary approvals for your updates or provide your draft revisions to those responsible for maintaining updated policies and procedures.
Until next month, stay safe out there!

Special Thanks to Teresa West for the help on this one! — Brent

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