Cyber Situational Awareness (SA) for 6AUG2013

Good day Folks;

Below are series of very interesting and relevant cyber situational articles for reading and study.

Please pay particular attention to an uptick in the news regarding two of the People’s Republic of China’s significant State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Huawei and Lenovo…

The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces

People’s Republic of China’s C919 commercial jet to have maiden flight in 2015|
Hey Airbus & Boeing, these are not the airframe copies you are looking for…

Wiki reboot: Chinese Wikipedia makes comeback after early censorship
A censorship blackout lost Chinese Wikipedia many of its users. Now a new generation of mainland volunteers is resuscitating the site

Is the People’s Republic of China’s vast Web monitoring actually helping to grow democracy?

People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Truth: Worse Than the Soviet Union

People’s Daily chief moves to State Council Information Office

Lu Wei, People’s Republic of China’s new internet chief

‘Father of Great Firewall’ steps down from Beijing university|

People’s Republic of China: Internet playing a major role in US military strategy|

French Gvmt Report Warns of Money Laundering by Chinese, Russians in Wine Deals-Caijing

AirSea Battle, A2/AD and the Offense-Defense Balance

Decoding Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei $44 Million Connection Between Pakistan & China; Will it Be Censored?

Despite spy raps, Filipino DepEd taking China computers from People’s Republic of China’s Huawei

India…Foreign vendors (HUAWEI) won’t share design details of telecom equipment

US a high-risk place for data theft, second only to People’s Republic of China, say German companies

Where Hackers and Spooks Mingle
Seeking to Boost Their Ranks, Government-Security Experts Try to Woo Tech-Minded Rebels at Two Vegas Conferences

Companies ‘not aware’ of being hacked

New cyber range promotes cyber warfare…in Hawaii, closer to the People’s Republic of China…

The Future of US Cyber Command

NSA Revelations Hurt Collaboration With Hackers Who Now Feel Betrayed

XKeyscore a ‘God-terminal’ into Internet | Germany | DW.DE | 03.08.2013

Feds Are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity | Threat Level |

Triangle universities strengthen cybersecurity as hackers grow bolder | Technology |

Hacker’s Mysterious Death Prompts Concerns About Pacemakers

Malicious Bank of America (BofA) ‘Statement of Expenses’ themed emails lead to client-side exploits and malware

Anatomy of a cryptographic oracle – understanding (and mitigating) the BREACH attack

Freedom Hosting arrest and takedown linked to Tor privacy compromise

Inside Japan’s invisible army

The Dangers of a Sensationalist Portrayal of Veterans


Semper Fi;