Wednesday Cyber SA 21AUG2013 – TREMENDOUS Amount of News!

Good Wednesday Morning Fans of Cyber Mania News…

Lots of cyber related news out of the People’s Republic of China today – ENISA & NIST sound off, Islamic Republic of Iran has some noteworthy items and of course the token Russia Cyber story for the cyber fan from Leeds, UK…enjoy!

People’s Republic of China denies role in cyber-attacks on United States; Claim themselves victim of hacking – The Economic Times
Beijing’s Rising Hacker Stars…How Does Mother China React?

People’s Republic of China monitors online chatter as users threaten state hold on the internet
Chinese lawyers targeted as Xi Jinping tightens control – Telegraph
Xue Manzi: How Chinese social media can be a force for good

Chinese Man Who Offered To Install “Hacker” software is arrested 男子给网吧提供“黑客”软件 获刑三年罚金十万-资讯-黑基安全网

Conflict Breeds Cyber Attacks | Analysis Intelligence
Mapped: The 7 Governments the U.S. Has Overthrown – By J. Dana Stuster

PLA (中國人民解放軍)advancing laser weapons program|
中國人民解放軍 (PLA) Lanzhou MAC organizes confrontation training – People’s Daily Online
More college students applying for entry into the military, Zhao Shengnan reports in Beijing.
Hagel, Chinese Defense Minister Commit To Cooperation But Tensions Clear
People’s Republic of China, U.S. agree on new steps to enhance military cooperation – People’s Daily Online
US, People’s Republic of China (中華人民共和國) agree on new ways to enhance military cooperation|
Advance toward new type of China-U.S. mil-to-mil relations – People’s Daily Online
Chinese professor warns of “democracy trap” – Xinhua |

People’s Republic of China, U.S. Ink Deal to Counter Illicit Atomic Trafficking | GSN | NTI
Chinese shipbuilder reveals breakthrough technology – Xinhua |
CNOOC Gas undertakes China’s first floating LNG project – Xinhua |
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei And Security: The Bigger Picture
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Exec: We Need To Be A Better Communicator

3 reasons Baidu is aiming high in Indonesia

Business Insider’s Reporting on the (中華人民共和國) People’s Republic of China
JPMorgan Chase Hit With China Bribery Probe

Apple iPad market share plummets in China as domestic vendors grow
Apple said to be close to 4G deal with China Mobile|
Commentary: Well-behaved int’l firms welcomed in the People’s Republic of China – Xinhua |
Xinhua Insight: Police reveal details of GSK China’s alleged violations – Xinhua |

Why is China so Afraid of a Small Protest?
With Bo Xilai on Trial, China Adopts Chongqing Model

Russia Setting up Cyber Warfare Unit Under Military!

Iran Trains Students to Target Drones |
Three Major Al-Qaida Forums Disrupted by DDOS Attack

Digital Dao: The Cyber Kill Chain: Trademarked by Lockheed Martin?
Lockheed Martin is just angry they did not receive a $ SIX BEEELIION Cyber Contract from Uncle Sam…C’mon guys your background check would have caught the traitor Booz Allen Hamilton gave the world 🙂

Infosecurity… Major Media Organizations Still Vulnerable Despite High Profile Hacks |
Countering Advanced Persistent Threats with Comprehensive Network Security
Total Defense | Blog | The cyber-attacks transformation
Angry Kitten…Electronic Warfare Development Targets Fully Adaptive Threat Response Technology

Thinking Differently: Unlocking the Human Domain in Support of the 21st Century Intelligence Mission | Small Wars Journal

NIST Updates Patching and Malware Avoidance Guides
Thousands affected in US Energy agency breach,thousands-affected-in-us-energy-agency-breach.aspx?utm_source=feedly
ENISA Report Outlines Incidents Causing Major Outages at Telcos | SecurityWeek.Com


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People’s Republic of China Cyber Situation Awareness for 7 AUG 2013

Good day folks;

Today’s edition of the People’s Republic of China Cyber Situation Awareness for 7 AUG 2013 includes some very interesting tidbits on the more claims of Intellectual Property theft by Chinese State Owned Enterprises…Sinovel for example…stay tuned for some interesting analysis regarding the world’s largest wind farm in Panama and the ties to the People’s Republic of China via the good ‘ol USA…

People’s Republic of China SOE SINOVEL, paid insider ‘to kill my company…’ 謝謝您, @zenrandom 紅龍
Chinese Comment Crew caught taking over a fake Water Plant
Flipboard is Now Blocked In China, But Chinese Edition Of App Is Left Unmolested
People’s Republic of China’s evolution on North Korea…”…No more petulance or obstinate behaviour…”
Is the People’s Republic of China a challenge to the existing international order? |
People’s Republic of China funding development of Gwadar Port in Pakistan
Fighting corruption in the People’s Republic of China backfires by driving resistance
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei recruiting City workers for new London finance centre
China’s People’s Daily continues attack on US constitution

Cybercrime as a Service

Enjoy Folks!

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Cyber Situational Awareness (SA) for 6AUG2013

Good day Folks;

Below are series of very interesting and relevant cyber situational articles for reading and study.

Please pay particular attention to an uptick in the news regarding two of the People’s Republic of China’s significant State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Huawei and Lenovo…

The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces
People’s Republic of China’s C919 commercial jet to have maiden flight in 2015|
Hey Airbus & Boeing, these are not the airframe copies you are looking for…
Wiki reboot: Chinese Wikipedia makes comeback after early censorship
A censorship blackout lost Chinese Wikipedia many of its users. Now a new generation of mainland volunteers is resuscitating the site
Is the People’s Republic of China’s vast Web monitoring actually helping to grow democracy?
People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Truth: Worse Than the Soviet Union
People’s Daily chief moves to State Council Information Office
Lu Wei, People’s Republic of China’s new internet chief
‘Father of Great Firewall’ steps down from Beijing university|
People’s Republic of China: Internet playing a major role in US military strategy|
French Gvmt Report Warns of Money Laundering by Chinese, Russians in Wine Deals-Caijing
AirSea Battle, A2/AD and the Offense-Defense Balance
Decoding Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei $44 Million Connection Between Pakistan & China; Will it Be Censored?
Despite spy raps, Filipino DepEd taking China computers from People’s Republic of China’s Huawei
India…Foreign vendors (HUAWEI) won’t share design details of telecom equipment
US a high-risk place for data theft, second only to People’s Republic of China, say German companies

Where Hackers and Spooks Mingle
Seeking to Boost Their Ranks, Government-Security Experts Try to Woo Tech-Minded Rebels at Two Vegas Conferences
Companies ‘not aware’ of being hacked

New cyber range promotes cyber warfare…in Hawaii, closer to the People’s Republic of China…

The Future of US Cyber Command

NSA Revelations Hurt Collaboration With Hackers Who Now Feel Betrayed
XKeyscore a ‘God-terminal’ into Internet | Germany | DW.DE | 03.08.2013

Feds Are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity | Threat Level |

Triangle universities strengthen cybersecurity as hackers grow bolder | Technology |
Hacker’s Mysterious Death Prompts Concerns About Pacemakers
Malicious Bank of America (BofA) ‘Statement of Expenses’ themed emails lead to client-side exploits and malware
Anatomy of a cryptographic oracle – understanding (and mitigating) the BREACH attack
Freedom Hosting arrest and takedown linked to Tor privacy compromise

Inside Japan’s invisible army

The Dangers of a Sensationalist Portrayal of Veterans


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Cyber & Information Security Situation Awareness (SA)

Good Monday Morning Folks;

Many cyber situational stories to entertain and tantalize you with this morning!
Pay particular attention to the growing militarism within the People’s Republic of China…in their Naval, Ground and yes, Cyber Forces…
You’ll note also some cybernia news out of the Soviet-bloc…
And lastly, but certainly not least – the American Bar Assoc has a new handbook about cyber…yikes – when lawyer and cyber get mixed together…well you get the picture…

Enjoy today’s cyber news!

PLA (中國人民解放軍) urged to reform, upgrade to fight hi-tech wars in future

Long march and unending victories

Chinese Hacking Team Caught Taking Over Decoy Water Plant | MIT Technology Review

People’s Republic of China’s Beijing hacking combine exposed

Why Hating the People’s Republic of China Is Futile

Beijing launches platform to debunk online rumors

People’s Republic of China will become the world’s largest space power: US professor

Choosing Sides: Who’s Partnered with Who in People’s Republic of China’s Internet War?

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has hit back at allegations by a former CIA chief that the company spies for Beijing, labeling them “defamatory” and “baseless”.
People’s Republic of China’s Most Irrelevant Search Engines to Merge? Chinese Government Search Engines|
If governments ban China-based Lenovo, should companies?
U.S., several other countries have banned computers from Lenovo after finding backdoors in hardware in firmware, report says
False People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo Security Report Only Strengthens World’s Top PC Maker

People’s Republic of China stresses its defensive military policy
Digital Dao: Aviation companies twice as likely to be hacked if they do business in China
Ask me about my Boeing China Aviation Research and their denial – er, response….

Meet the NSA’s New Data Centers: Russia, People’s Republic of China, and Venezuela

Attackers turning to legit cloud services firms to plant malware

Understanding the Global Risk of Cybercrime
New ‘Hacked shells as a service’ empowers cybercriminals with access to high page rank-ed Web sites

The Soviet-Era Strategy That Explains What Russia Is Doing With Snowden
Whataboutistm: a rhetorical defense that alleges hypocrisy from the accuser. And it’s going to make it a lot harder to criticize Moscow on human rights.
Russian Cyber Criminals selling hacked websites access in Underground stores

FBI Has Been Developing Cyber Hacking Tools for Over a Decade to Attack Criminals
Disposable Spy Computers Are Disturbingly Easy and Cheap to Make
Latvia Refuses To Extradite The Creator Of Gozi Trojan
The country’s Foreign Minister says the 67-year prison term facing hacker Deniss Calovskis is too severe
ABA Cybersecurity Handbook

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New threats: Unknown Cyber Threats & APT according to InfoSec Researchers in the Peoples’s Republic of China 新型威胁:未知威胁与APT 中華人民共和國

 New threats: Unknown Cyber Threats & APT according to InfoSec Researchers in the Peoples’s Republic of China 新型威胁:未知威胁与APT 中華人民共和國

Good day folks;

Here’s an article about how information security researchers within the People’s Republic of China, 中華人民共和國 define ‘Unknown Cyber Threats & the innocuous Western term “APT”.


Semper Fi,




安全威胁近些年来发生巨大的变化,黑客攻击从传统带有恶作剧与技术炫耀性质逐步转变为利益化、商业化。为了突破传统的安全防御方法,一种名为APT的攻击迅速发展起来。APT是advanced persistent threat的缩写,译为高级持续性威胁。它是指近年来,专业且有组织的黑客(甚至可能有国家背景支持),针对重要目标和系统发起的一种攻击手段。


 持续性: 攻击者为了重要的目标长时间持续攻击直到攻破为止。攻击成功用上一年到三年,攻击成功后持续潜伏五年到十年的案例都有。这种持续性攻击下,让攻击完全处于动态发展之中,而当前我们的防护体系都是强调静态对抗能力很少有防护者有动态对抗能力,因此防护者或许能挡住一时的攻击,但随时间的发展,系统不断有新的漏洞被发现,防御体系也会存在一定的空窗期:比如设备升级、应用需要的兼容性测试环境等等,最终导致系统的失守。

终端性: 攻击者虽然针对的是重要的资产目标,但是入手点却是终端为主。再重要的目标,也是由终端的人来访问的。而人在一个大型组织里,是难以保证所有人的安全能力与安全意识都处于一个很高水准之上的。而做好每个人的终端防护比服务器端防护要困难很多。通过SQL注射攻击了WEB服务器,一般也是希望利用他攻击使用这些WEB服务器的终端用户作为跳板渗透进内网。

广谱信息收集性: 攻击者会花上很长的时间和资源,依靠互联网搜集,主动扫描,甚至真实物理访问方式,收集被攻击目标的信息,主要包括:组织架构,人际关系,常用软件,常用防御策略与产品,内部网络部署等信息。

针对性: 攻击者会针对收集到的常用软件,常用防御策略与产品,内部网络部署等信息,搭建专门的环境,用于寻找有针对性安全漏洞,测试特定的木马是否能饶过检测。

未知性: 攻击者依据找到的针对性安全漏洞,特别是0DAY,根据应用本身构造专门的触发攻击的代码。并编写符合自己攻击目标,但能饶过现有防护者检测体系的特种木马。这些0DAY漏洞和特种木马,都是防护者或防护体系所不知道的。

渗透性社工: 攻击者为了让被攻击者目标更容易信任,往往会先从被攻击者目标容易信任的对象着手,比如攻击一个被攻击者目标的电脑小白好友或家人,或者被攻击者目标使用的内部论坛,通过他们的身份再对组织内的被攻击者目标发起0DAY攻击,成功率会高很多。再利用组织内的已被攻击成功的身份再去渗透攻击他的上级,逐步拿到对核心资产有访问权限的目标。

隐蔽合法性: 攻击者访问到重要资产后,往往通过控制的客户端,分布使用合法加密的数据通道,将信息窃取出来,以饶过我们的审计和异常检测的防护。

长期潜伏与控制: 攻击者长期控制重要目标获取的利益更大。一般都会长期潜伏下来,控制和窃取重要目标。当然也不排除在关键时候破坏型爆发。





不要以为你重要的信息资产只在内网甚至物理隔离就能不遭受APT攻击,因为即使物理阻止了网络层流,也阻止不了逻辑上的信息流。RSA被APT攻击利用FLASH 0DAY偷走了在内网严密保护的SECURID令牌种子,震网利用7个0DAY和摆渡成功渗透进了伊朗核设施级的物理隔离网络。

 New threats: unknown threats and APT

Security threats change dramatically in recent years, with a mischievous hacker attacks from the traditional sports and technology gradually changed the nature of the interests and commercialization. In order to break through the traditional method of security and defense, called APT attacks developed rapidly. APT is the advanced persistent threat acronym, translated advanced persistent threats. It refers to recent years, professional and organized hackers (and may even have national context support), an important goal and system for initiating a means of attack.

APT main features:


Sustainability: an important target for attackers continued to attack until a long break so far. A successful attack to spend one to three years, a successful attack lurking five to ten years after the last case has. This persistent attack, the attacker completely dynamically evolving, and the current emphasis of our protection system are rarely static protective ability against those who have the dynamic ability to fight, so those who may be able to block the protective moment of attack, but with the time of development, the system constantly new vulnerabilities are discovered, there will still be some defense system window period: for example, equipment upgrades, application compatibility testing environment and so require, eventually leading to the fall of the system.

Terminal resistance: Although the attacker is an important asset for a goal, but starting point is the main terminal. Further important objective, but also by people to access the terminal. And people in a large organization, it is difficult to ensure the safety of all ability and safety awareness are at a very high level above. And do everyone’s terminal protective than the server-side protection to be much more difficult. SQL injection attacks via the WEB server, are generally hoping to use him against the use of these WEB server as a springboard to penetrate into the end-user within the network.

Broad spectrum of information collection: the attacker will take a long time and resources, relying on the Internet to collect, active scanning, and even real physical access, to collect information about the target to be attacked, including: organizational structure, interpersonal relationships, commonly used software, common defense strategy and products, internal network deployment and other information.

Targeted: The attacker will be collected from the commonly used software for commonly used defense strategy and products, internal network deployment and other information, to build a dedicated environment for finding security vulnerabilities targeted to test whether a particular Trojan bypass detection.

Unknown sex: the attacker targeted basis to find security vulnerabilities, especially 0DAY, depending on the application itself is constructed of specialized trigger an attack code. And prepared in line with their targets, but it can bypass the existing system of special protection by detecting Trojans. These 0DAY loopholes and special Trojans, are protective or protective system does not know.

Permeability social workers: the attacker to allow an attacker to target more likely to trust, they tend to start with the easy confidence by attackers target object to proceed, such as attacking a target computer to be attacked by white friends or family, or the attacker targets Using the internal forum, through their identity and then the organization launched by attackers target 0DAY attack, the success rate would be much higher. Re-use within the organization’s identity has been successful attack penetration attacks his superiors to go step by step to get to the core assets have access goals.

Covert Legitimacy: the attacker access to critical assets, often through the control of the client, using the legitimate distribution of encrypted data channel, the information to steal out to bypass our audit and anomaly detection protection.

Long-term potential and control: an attacker to obtain long-term control of the interests of more important goals. Usually long-simmering down, control and steal important goals. Of course, does not rule out sabotage outbreak at a critical time.

From the point of view the above characteristics, the following conclusions can be obtained

APT attack is costly (professional team, long-term information gathering, mining and utilization 0DAY, Tema, environmental testing, permeability and latent social workers, a variety of detection confrontation) is intended only for professional or organized cybercrime gangs and national support team special attack

Therefore APT attacks are of great value for the asset or strategically important objectives, general military, energy, finance, military, government, and other key high-tech enterprise most vulnerable to APT attacks.

While ordinary users will not suffer APT attacks attention, but if you are APT attacks target tissue or even just an ordinary employee organization with APT attack targets a general staff are friends or relatives, you are still likely to be in the middle of APT attack springboard, of course, as an ordinary person, APT attack itself will not steal your personal anything (such as your own is an important figure in the senior management of the organization or individual host inside except the preservation of important data).

Do not think you important information assets are physically isolated from the internal network can not even suffer APT attacks because even if the physical network layer prevents flow logically can stop the flow of information. RSA APT attacks use FLASH 0DAY was stolen including network closely guarded SECURID token seed, Stuxnet and ferry use 7 0DAY successful penetration into the Iranian nuclear facility-level physical isolation network.

People’s Republic of Cyber Conflict & Operation Middle Kingdom….

Good Monday Morning Friends;

Much cyber conflict news related to the People’s Republic of China’s HUAWEI over the weekend.
Take particular note of both India and the United Kingdom’s leadership being pawned by HUAWEI…
Also worth mentioning is that the former head of the US Central Intelligence Agency knows and is now revealing that the People’s Republic of China’s Huawei so pies for the People’s Republic of China…oh dear no! Really…<>

Enjoy –

How Mao Tse T’ung created the People’s Republic of China’s capitalist revolution [Straits Times]

Ex-CIA chief accuses People’s Republic of China’s Huawei of industrial espionage – Telegraph
Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to US communication networks? | Digital Trends
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei in charge of UK TalkTalk’s net filtering
Operation Middle Kingdom…Chinese colonization of United Kingdom near complete as Phase V is accomplished…
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei says it ‘shares the same cyber security goals’ as the UK government
Operation Middle Kingdom…Chinese colonization of United Kingdom near complete as Phase V is accomplished…
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei gets closer to its users by P@WNing India…
Operation Middle Kingdom…Chinese colonization of India near complete as Phase V is accomplished…
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei lashes out at spying allegations from former CIA head
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei revenue grows |
Australians ‘should not fear Chinese investment’, especially People’s Republic of Huawei, says Bob Carr

Spy agencies ban People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo PCs on security concerns
Recall friends that Lenovo has DIRECT ties to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the People’s Liberation Army….
Intelligence services fear People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo products due to back-doors
Rare Glimpse into a Real-Life Command-and-Control Server | “Dragon Eye – Mini”

Record malware growth in People’s Republic of China…

How America’s Top Tech Companies Created the Surveillance State

Security Vendors: Do No Harm, Heal Thyself — Krebs on Security
Symantec quietly releasedsecurity updates to fix serious vulnerabilities in itsSymantec Web Gateway, a popular line of security appliances designed to help “protect organizations against multiple types of Web-borne malware.”

CreepyDOL…Cheap Monitoring Highlights Dangers Of Internet Of Things — Dark Reading

U.K. Ministry of Defence hit by cyberattack, data stolen | ZDNet
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei slammed for locking GCHQ personnel out of security cell

China’s UK censorwall will also block “terrorist content,” “violence,” “circumvention tools,” “forums”

Russian hackers got 160 million bank card numbers, but that wasn’t worst part
Federal prosecutors say they’ve blown open the largest hacking ring in US history, indicting four Russians and a Ukrainian. The biggest worry: One of them hacked into NASDAQ.

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People’s Republic of China & Operation Middle Kingdom…oh yes, Huawei and the colonization of Africa & India….

Good day my curious friends…much in the cyber news to amuse and entrain, but never alarm you…

Pay particular attention the articles below related to Huawei and their colonization of India via BSNL and Ethiopia via massive telco rollouts. People’s Republic of China & Operation Middle Kingdom…oh yes, Huawei and the colonization of Africa & India….always remember that a significant amount of cyber threat news and alerts will be released on Friday, saturdays and Sundays…when no one is paying attention…

Enjoy –

People’s Republic of Hacking, er…China is stealing intellectual property to boost its economic development…
Don’t let Snowden overshadow the real cyber threat

UK’s Cameron recommended porn filter controlled by People’s Republic of China’s Huawei

Baidu’s guide to the eight biggest Internet scams in People’s Republic of China

Chinese can be pressured into accepting global cybersecurity norms
Chinese hacker who once targeted the US switches sides to help defend Western companies… |
Chinese hacker to help defend Western companies
The Decline of China’s Internet Cafes
The great firewall of China gets metaphorical
The Chinese government’s increasingly sophisticated approach to censorship demands a new interpretation
Hengqin New Area Aims to Skirt Great Firewall – China Digital Times (CDT)

BSNL to switch to People’s Republic of China’s Huawei’s next generation networks
China’s colonization of India is now complete as Operation Middle Kingdom continues…
Huawei Hits 100th 100G Deployment Milestone, Paving an Information Super Highway for the Next Decade
Ethiopia signs $700 mn mobile network deal with People’s Republic of China’s Huawei
Operation Middle Kingdom continues in Africa as People’s Republic of China colonizes with their business development instead of weapon systems…US AFRICOM puzzled by lack of success…

Find Out Why Apple’s Revenues in China Dropped 43% in Q2
Insight: How Samsung is beating Apple in the People’s Republic of China
Apple Developer site hack: doubts cast on Turkish hacker’s claims
Guardian investigation raises questions over claims by Turkish researcher that he hacked into Apple’s Developer portal

Japanese Minister Proposes More Active Military Presence in Region

$300 million Russian cyber crime ring broken by US feds
Five Charged in Massive Financial Hacking Case |

US Marines Focused at Tactical Edge of Cyber, Commander Says…
USAF pleads with airmen to think about business of cyber…

A historical overview of the cyberattack landscape
US Military: Forget cold war — Here comes cyber war
“What Is That Box?” — When The NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company

Hacked in 276 Seconds – Timely Intelligence Improves Ability to Thwart Cyber Attacks: Survey |

KPMG red-faced after being found w/data leak Reverse assessment reveals KPMGs publicly accessible data |

Semper Fi,


HITCON 2013 Concludes…”No, these are not the Chinese Cyberspies You are looking for, move along, move along…”! Red Dragon Returns from Taiwan…

Good Monday Morning from Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China…

Much in the news to share – take particular note of the growing distrust in the People’s Republic of China’s State Owned Enterprise (SOE) HUAWEI. The United Kingdom is starting to wonder why Huawei’s own employees are reviewing their own telecommunications and networking kit…”No, these are not he Chinese Cyberspies You are looking for, move along, move along…”!

Winning Without Fighting: The Chinese Psychological Warfare Challenge

German anxieties over the People’s Republic of China’s rise | Germany | DW.DE | 20.07.2013

UK discovers People’s Republic of China’s Huawei UK staff auditing Huawei kit: Govt orders probe •

Huawei’s Chinese connection continues to be source of suspicion
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Tells Accusers ‘Put Up, or Shut Up’ Following Fresh Spying Allegations
Ex-CIA chief Hayden claims People’s Republic of China’s Huawei spies for Chinese state
Former CIA boss says aware of evidence Huawei spying for thePeople’s Republic of China
Huawei accused of spying for the People’s Republic of China by former CIA boss
Anatomy of another Android hole – Chinese researchers claim new code verification bypass

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei denies spying for Chinese government
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei says CIA chief’s spy claims were ‘politically inspired and racist corporate defamation’
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei fends off more spying claims and faces UK security review

PRISM Causes China’s Public Campaign Against American Companies
Growing Chinese Animosity Following PRISM Revelations Could Threaten Tech Firms’ Prospects In World’s No. 2 Economy

Good Practices Guide on Non-Nuclear Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection (NNCEIP) from Terrorist Attacks Focusing on Threats Emanating from Cyberspace

US Military to Deploy Units Devoted to Cyber Operations


Semper Fi,


Taiwan & Asia’s Premiere Hacking CON – HITCON 2013 – MicroSolved’s own Red Dragon Rising Keynotes

Good morning from Taiwan & Asia’s Premiere Hacking CON – HITCON 2013
MicroSolved’s own Red Dragon Rising Keynotes on the comparative cyber convict doctrine of the People’s Republic of China, Russia and Iran!
If you are in Taipei please stop by and say ‘hello’!

Today’s cyber threat situational awareness (SA) includes quite a few items about the People’s Republic of China’s Huawei and the companies efforts to support the Communist Regimes efforts to colonize the world via Operation Middle Kingdom (OP Middle Kingdom). You’ll note that the Brit’s are getting wise to Huawei’s investment initiatives as a possible threat to Her Royal Majesty’s National Security. On a similar track is Saudi Arabia’s investment in Huawei…and thus the high tech colonization of the Middle East has begun. India has already been colonized by Huawei as you’ll read about the significant volume of high tech patents Huawei has purchased in the former British colony.

Please enjoy these cyber threat SA items – more to come I’m certain from HITCON 2013 in 台北, 中華民國 ~ Taiepi, Republic of China.

How the U.S. Uses Information Gained From Spying on Foreign Companies

UK reviews People’s Republic of China’s Huawei security center deal (as you would during a low-level cyberwar)
Britain to review People’s republic of China’s Huawei cyber center to allay security fears

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei under investigation from UK government over security foul play |

Government to review People’s Republic of China’s Huawei’s UK cyber security centre

Saudia Arabia’s ITC & People’s Republic of Huawei in partnership to upgrade core network
People’s Republic of China’s Operation Middle Kingdom knows no limits as it focuses colonizaton of Saudia Arabia…

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Invests in 5G Networks IOT begin High Tech colonizing of world

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei also developing an app to clear Other Storage problem

HTC-Huawei Merger Should Be Considered, Says JP Morgan Analyst | Tech Biz | The Diplomat

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei reduces focus on U.S. market

People’s Republic of China’s Hong Kong Ranked Asia’s Most Innovative Market

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei applied for 56K patents, invested $4.8bn in R&D in 2012
OP Middle Kingom successful as the People’s Republic of China’s High Tech colonization of India is complete.

Japan paper’s social media accounts ‘blocked in China’

Is North Korea Poised to Launch a Cyber Attack?

South Korea accuses North of cyber attacks

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Cyber Threat Situational Awareness for 09JUL2013

Good Day Folks;

Below is a short list of some of the latest stories you need to be aware of to maintain & improve your Cyber Threat Situational Awareness for today,09JUL2013…

矽對海洋和平,帕拉戰爭 or in Latin…Si vis pacem, para bellum…

Talking Cyberthreat With the People’s Republic of China

Traitor Snowden revelations imperil cyber hacking talks with People’s Republic of China |

Patriot hacker ‘The Jester’ attacks nations offering Snowden help

South Korea Attackers ‘Pierced Military Networks’
Same crew that hit TV stations and banks managed to get malware onto military networks

Dissecting operation Troy: Cyberespionage in South Korea
How Cybercriminals Operate — Dark Reading
A look at cybercriminal motives, resources, and processes — and how they may affect enterprise defense

Iran Planning Cyber Drills
US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses
The US Economic Development Administration (EDA) is an agency in the Department of Commerce takes a cyber threat property destruction lesson from the German Government 🙂 “…$170,000 of PCs, printers, keyboards, cameras, and mice destroyed in gross overreaction.”

Across Europe, Nations Mold Cyber Defenses


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