Cyber-Mania & Situation Awareness in the Binary Worlds…

Good Friday Afternoon Folks;

In today’s issue of the latest cyber news we have quite a bit in the way of Cyber-Mania & Situation Awareness in the Binary Worlds…

Pay particular attention to the immediate section below and the latest items of interest from the People’s Republic of Cyber Espionage…er, sorry, China…
There are a couple of interesting items regarding cuber attacks and a cuber timeline from NATO…yeah OTAN…go figure!
And yes the F-B-I is looking for Hacker love…be sure to use a condom … or those executable files ail ruin your weekend…:-)

People’s Republic of China allows spies to plunder companies

Slight shift seen in official Chinese attitude on cybersecurity

People’s Republic ofChina firmly pursues peaceful development: defense minister

How America Is Fighting Back Against Chinese Hackers |

President Xi inspects Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing _ Qiushi Journal

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Looks to Build Up Enterprise-Network Business

NATO History of Cyber Attacks – A Timeline

Fitting cyber attacks to jus ad bellum — Consequence-based approachPart III

Cyberattacks devastated my business!

NSA behind cyber attacks the took down ‘Dark Web’ used by online pedophiles

Defendant in Romanian Cyber Crime Ring Convicted of Wire Fraud and Identification Document Fraud Conspiracies

Are Black Hats and White Hats Really Grey Hats?

FBI director calls on private sector to help with cyber threat
I’ll be sure to send him a .pdf with an executable file in it – oh wait the Minneapolis Cyber Field Office already received it….Nyarch!

CIA, FBI and NSA Leaders Ask for Help Fighting Cyberattacks

The Government Wants to Create Cybersecurity Insurance

IPv6 is latest tool for stealing credit card numbers and passwords

Semper Fi,