MicroSolved, Inc. Releases New Malware Protection for MS Windows

Our HoneyPoint Wasp 1.50 is cleaner, faster, and more flexible than ever!

COLUMBUS, Ohio March 14, 2011 — MicroSolved, Inc. is pleased to announce their new version of HoneyPoint Wasp 1.50. The new Wasp gives more capability to the security team to easily gain visibility into Windows systems and more power to their efforts to secure them against intrusion.

HoneyPoint Wasp, a tool used to monitor the security of user workstations, has been upgraded with several new features. New behavior-based detections are now included to help extend your existing AV investment. This will provide an extra layer of detection for malware that slips past the AV shield.

Wasp detects infections frequently missed by other malware tools in laboratory testing and real world environments.

“We’re proud of Wasp’s ability to identify compromised systems that other tools and techniques would have shown to be OK, leaving systems online and under attacker control for a longer period than needed,” said Brent Huston, CEO and Security Visionary for MicroSolved. “With HoneyPoint Wasp, you can more quickly and easily take compromised machines away from the attacker and significantly raise the bar in what they have to do to compromise your environment, avoid detection and steal your data.”

To learn more about HoneyPoint Wasp and how it can help an organization protect their desktop network, please visit our HoneyPoint Wasp page!