Why Our Firm Loves The Columbus Cyber Security Community

Yesterday, I was doing an interview with one of my mentees. The questions she asked brought up some interesting points about MSI, our history and Columbus. I thought I would share 3 of the questions with the SoS readers:

How Did The Firm End Up In The Columbus Cyber Security Community?

Brent Huston:

“You have to remember that when I founded MicroSolved, back in 1992, there wasn’t a strong commercial Internet yet. Most of the electronic commerce efforts and digital business was done via dial-up or dedicated networks. I came to Columbus in 1988 to go to school and eventually ended up at DeVry. I was working at Sterling Software and doing a lot of experimentation with technology. Somehow, I got completely interested in security, hacking, phreaking and online crime. I took that passion and began to explore building it into a business. There were a few of us starting consulting companies back then, and Columbus was certainly an interesting place to be in the early 90s. Eventually, Steve Romig, from The Ohio State University started putting groups together – meeting at different parks and restaurants. That was the first place I really identified as the beginning of a security community in the city.”

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CMHSecLunch Announcement

We wanted to take a moment and send out a special announcement to our Columbus, Ohio area readers. Brent Huston is pulling together a monthly casual event for IT and InfoSec focused folks in our area. He posted this a few days ago to Twitter (@lbhuston):

#CMHSecLunch 1st attempt – Monday, Nov 12, 11:30 -1pm at Tuttle Mall food court. Informal lunch gathering of infosec geeks. Be There!

We invite all of our local readers to attend. Just have a casual lunch with infosec friends and great conversations. No sign up, no membership fees, no hassle, no fuss. If you can make it, cool, if not, also cool. So, if you have time, drop in and break bread. We hope to see you there.

Let us know on Twitter or in the comments if you have feedback.