Recovering Data from Dead Hard Drives

We caught this post on Lifehacker a few days ago and thought they did a pretty good job of handling a pretty frequent question. How many times have you been asked about data recovery? For us, we always ask “You have that backed up, right?”, in return. 

Sadly, few people seem to backup their data, even though that is one of the basic foundations of protecting information. 

If you are or know someone who gets into this predicament, we hope this approach helps.

In the meantime, where did you put your backup disk? You have one, right??? 🙂

Noel Brings Reminder to Review DR/BC Plans

For those folks on the east coast, Hurricane Noel should probably figure into your weekend plans. The storm is looking like a near miss for much of the eastern seaboard, but should be a strong reminder for folks to review their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans for currency.

If you look in your policies folders and don’t see a DR/BC plan, now might be a good time to form a task group for making them. Given the wacky weather patterns lately, they might prove to be handy in the future. At the very least, you can rest a little easier just knowing they are there.

For those folks wondering what I am talking about, click here for more info on the storm.

If you want to do more reading on DR/BC policies, check out this wikipedia article.