InstallShield ActiveX Vuln, WP-Download SQL Injection

There’s a SQL injection in a the Wordress Download plugin. Data passed to wp-download.php is not properly sanitized before being processed by SQL. This could result in a SQL injection attack that could lead to the disclosure of usernames and passwords. WordPress admin’s should update to version 1.2.1.

There’s a major vulnerability in and activex control installed by Macrovision InstallShield InstallScript One-Click Install (OCI). The control gets installed via webpages prompting to install software. A large user base is likely affected by this. Basically, when the activex control is initiated it loads several DLL’s that are not sanity checked. These DLL’s could execute arbitrary code when loaded. This vulnerability has been confirmed in version 12.0. The following are the properties associated with the activex:

File: %WINDIR%\Downloaded Program Files\setup.exe

CLSID: 53D40FAA-4E21-459f-AA87-E4D97FC3245A

Macromedia has released a hotfix for this issue, available along with the KB entry for this vulnerability, at