MSI Strategy & Tactics Talk Ep. 24: When Outsourcing Security Tasks Goes Wrong

Outsourcing security tasks can be beneficial to a busy organization. But is there a possible downside? What questions should that organization ask when outsourcing part of their information security tasks?  In this episode of MSI Strategy & Tactics, the techs discuss an incident that happened when an organization outsourced a part of their system administration tasks to an outside consulting firm.  If you are considering outsourcing part of your security tasks, you’ll want to listen! Discussion questions include:

  • How important is it for vendors to vet employees before sending them into the field?
  • How important is it for organizations to be able to see that the vendors have thoroughly done this?
Brent Huston, CEO and Security Evangelist
Phil Grimes, Security Analyst
John Davis, Risk Management Engineer
Mary Rose Maguire, Marketing Communication Specialist and moderator

Click the embedded player to listen. Or click this link to access downloads. Stay safe!