Using Honeypots to Track Attackers: Eric Romang’s Report

One of MSI’s Twitter friends, Eric Romang, recently wrote a deep dive about PHP RFI attacks that used the service. The write-up was based on a large set of honeypot data that dates back several years!

The data is interesting and compelling and goes a long way to show value derived from the use of honeypots to track attackers and reveal information and trends about their behaviors. Check out this article here.

We were quite impressed with the data visualizations and are excited to see the level of effort put forth. Thanks for the dedication and hard work! We hope that, you, our readers, enjoy pointers to great data like this.

Have you seen or done other honeypot research or visualizations on your networks and threats? If you care to share tips, results or the like, drop us a line below in the comments or via Twitter (@lbhuston, @mrmaguire). We would love to hear more about them!

As always, thanks for reading!