Tor Video from Derbycon 4 Available

Thanks to Iron Geek and the Derbycon staff for making my presentation from this year available. 

The talk covered discussions about Tor Hidden Nodes and how crime works inside of the Tor network. Check the talk out here.

There is a lot of good stuff here, and they turned people away from the talk because we over-filled the room. Now, you can actually sit comfortably and watch it. 🙂

Message me on Twitter (@lbhuston) if you want to discuss. Thanks for reading and for watching!

See YOU at Derbycon!

I will be presenting Friday night at 7pm Eastern at Derbycon. Come on out and see us discuss the history, models and cellular nature of cyber-crime. We also plan to cover where we think online crime is likely to go in the next couple of generations and discuss some ideas for what we need to consider to combat the issues.

Drop by or chat in the hallways and we look forward to seeing you. Myself (@lbhuston), Phil Grimes (@grap3_ap3) and Adam Hostetler (@adamhos) will be in attendance. Tweet us if you want to connect! 

Have a great weekend!