HoneyPoint HoneyBees Help Catch Sniffers

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HoneyPoint has a component called a HoneyBee that can help organizations detect sniffing on their networks. The tool works like this:

  • HoneyBees are configured to talk to HoneyPoint Agents with a set of known credentials for an Agent emulated service
  • HoneyPoint Agent knows where the HoneyBees will be connecting from and those hosts are added to the local ignore list for that Agent
  • HoneyBees randomly create emulated “conversations” with HoneyPoint Agent in plain text, transmitting their credentials across the network for sniffers to pick up
  • The attacker or sniffing malware grabs the credentials through their sniffed traffic
  • The attacker or malware attempts to use those same credentials to authenticate to the HoneyPoint Agent
  • HoneyPoint Agent flags the authentication attempt as tampered traffic and alerts the security team to take action

By properly configuring the setup, this approach makes for a very effective tool to catch sniffing malware and attackers. Backing the credentials up with other detection mechanisms, such as in web applications and on AD forests can extend the approach even further. Our team has helped organizations stand up these kinds of nuance detection schemes across a variety of platforms. 

Even though the approach seems quite simple, it has proven to be quite adept at catching a variety of attacks. Customers continue to tell us that HoneyBees working with HoneyPoint Agent have been key indicators of compromise that have led them to otherwise undetected compromises.

HoneyBees are just another example of some of the ways that people are using the incredible flexibility of HoneyPoint to do nuance detection more easily than ever before. Gaining vision where they never had it has paid off, and HoneyPoints ability to turn vision into intelligence has proven itself over and over again.

To discuss HoneyPoint, HoneyBees or other forms of nuance detection, get in touch with MicroSolved. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your organization get more vision all around your enterprise.