Ohio Voting Systems Review (EVEREST)

MicroSolved, Inc. announced today that it has completed its assessment of the security of Ohio’s electronic voting systems. The testing, a part of project EVEREST, was lead by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and was designed to seek a comprehensive, independent and objective assessment of the risks to elections integrity associated with Ohio’s voting systems. The project leveraged MicroSolved’s advanced methodologies and in-depth experience to perform “red team” penetration testing of the voting systems. MicroSolved emulated various attacks against the voting systems and analyzed the impact of these attacks on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the voting systems and their elections data.

While the study revealed several critical security issues in the various elections systems, MicroSolved also identified specific strategies for mitigating or managing these risks. “By applying the identified mitigation strategies, all of the administrative stakeholders in the elections process have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the integrity of Ohio’s elections.”, said Brent Huston, CEO of MicroSolved. “While these strategies require hard work, significant investment in resources and continued vigilance, they represent the best approach to creating truly secure mechanisms for electronic voting in Ohio.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the EVEREST project and to help the Secretary of State further her goal of restoring trust in Ohio’s elections.”, Huston added.

For information about the specifics of the project, MicroSolved’s role and findings, please see http://www.microsolved.com/everest/.