Broken Window Economics and Being “Type B”

I am actually quite glad that this article was written. I agree with its premise and I am very glad that MicroSolved is a “type B” security vendor. I am OK with that. It fits my world view. I am OK with not being a member of the “PCI in crowd” or doing infosec “just like all of the other vendors.” In fact, I STRIVE for MSI to do it differently. I PUSH my organization to serve our clients at a higher level. I STRAIN to help them achieve leverage. I think being “type B” makes MicroSolved INVALUABLE as a security partner.

That, in my book, is worth far more than being popular, one of the crowd or getting industry trophies and certificates. Those things might be nice for some, but helping OUR CLIENTS serve their customers in a safer way is just more our focus at MSI.