Getting Started with HoneyPoint Special

Now through November 1st, 2020 – I am proud to announce a new special for HoneyPoint Security Server.

We are running a “Getting Started with HoneyPoint” promotion. If you’ve ever thought of deploying internal honey pots, but thought that it would take a huge budget to get a real enterprise product deployed, this special is for you! 

Now through November 1st, 2020, you can buy 5 HoneyPoint Agents (either stand-alone software, or our decoy host virtual machine (or Raspberry Pi if you bring your own hardware)) and get a 20% discount on your first year. As always, we’ll include the Console, email/phone support and upgrades/fixes for one year for all deployments. The first year cost is $4,000 (a 20% discount). After that, the price returns to the normal $1,000 per sensor, per year as is the current pricing for the platform. 

This will get you five deployed honeypots, reporting to a centralized Console and capable of passing events into SEIM solutions or other logging platforms. You also get all of the ability for HoneyPoint to securely emulate thousands of services, capture UDP transactions, perform all of our deception capabilities and even our patented autonomous defensive fuzzing self defense. Read all about it on the website, or by searching for more information on StateOfSecurity.

Of course, you can add on other HoneyPoint components as well, such as Wasp, AirWasp, Bees, Trojans, etc. Additional charges apply.

To learn more or discuss this special offer, you can get in touch with us via this web form, or by calling (614) 351-1237.

Help Us Help the World with Information Security

We are seeking a motivated, IT knowledgeable sales person to help our information security firm reach new clients and new markets. 
We have a strong history of excellent work, terrific products that stand out in the crowd, and an amazingly skilled and friendly team. We are a results oriented work environment with a laser focus on serving our customers well.
The position is full time, with benefits, and enjoys a salary plus commission and bonuses pay structure. The duties include maintaining current client relationships, conducting targeted marketing campaigns to connect with prospects, working with security engineers to help scope solutions to customer problems and closing sales for products and services. We have an open, well defined, mature sales process that includes ongoing feedback, real world metrics and shared goal setting. 
The successful candidate can be in Columbus, located somewhere else in Ohio or throughout the mid-west. To succeed in the position, you should be detail oriented, self motivated and be ready to engage with some of the most amazing clients in the world. 
Please provide a high level bio, a resume and a quick couple of paragraphs that explain the value you can bring to our team. We look forward to hearing from you! 
You can reach us via email at INFO(at sign) or via Twitter (@lbhuston).