March Windows Updates

Looks like Microsoft has released 4 critical Microsoft Office updates this month. All four updates are resolving issues that could lead to remote code execution. There are also several other non security related updates for Windows, WSUS, and Windows Update. Of course, as always, we recommend that you test the updates immediately and then deploy them to production.

Microsoft Windows Updates

Microsoft has released their updates for the February patch cycle. There are quite a few updates that should be tested and applied ASAP. One of these is MS08-010, IE security update, for which there is already an exploit circulating in the wild. There are also several other critical updates that need to be applied.

A reminder, as another popular holiday is coming up. Watch for “Valentines Cards” in your emails, especially if you don’t know who they’re from. Even if you do know who they’re from, use caution, and don’t run any untrusted executables or visit untrusted sites.