Leopard Clawing WoW?

MacOS X Leopard has issues with the firewall. For starters, the firewall is deactivated upon installation. Next, the firewall has changed so that it now operates that the application level and performs signature checks. If Apple does not have a digital signature for an application, it will sign the application itself. If at any time, the binary changes, it will be denied internet access. This is causing problems with applications that change their binaries, such as Skype and World of Warcraft. Users having issues with these applications have reported a reinstall fixing the issue. There’s much discussion about this on the WoW forums.

In other news, a new blind SQL injection tool has been released, http://sqlmap.sourceforge.net/. I haven’t personally used this tool but it looks promising. Also, the “cyber jihad” rumored to start on 11/11 is nothing more than a rumor. I remember the last time they tried this and it fizzled out to nothing, just like it likely will this time. At best they may be able to pull off some DoS attacks, but no extra precautions are required if you are regularly vigilant.