The iPad as a VPN Client

Today was my first real chance to try out the iPad as a VPN client in a critical situation. I needed an essential file for a client in a real hurry. We were about 50 miles from the office and a physical return with the file wasn’t possible. Even worse, it was stored on an encrypted vault volume on my personal backup system, so none of my engineers could assist me, since they lack credentials for that box.
Thankfully, I had my iPad with me. I had already set up a VPN connection for my device, but hadn’t yet tested it. The good news is that it worked perfectly! I was able to quickly create a VPN tunnel back to my network and then SSH into my vault. Once there, I could effortlessly arrange for a file transfer to my client in a secure manner. I even piped a VNC connection over the tunnel using iTeleport and could interact with the GUI nearly as easily as on a laptop.
All in all, it was a great save and made an excellent real world use case for the iPad in my work flow. Have you had any other big successes with the iPad in your security work? If so, drop a comment and tell us about it. I look forward to reading about it!

HP Storage Essentials SRM Vulnerability

An undisclosed flaw has been discovered in HP’s Storage Essentials SRM. Exploitation can allow some unauthorized remote access and may lead to the execution of arbitrary code. All versions prior to 6.0.0 are vulnerable. HP’s original advisory is here: