Global Cyber SA for MON 19AUG2013

Good Monday morning folks;

Tremendous amount of cyber news from around the globe today – enjoy…

The first section has a rather lengthy series of stories related to the People’s Republic of China…including hacking, cuber warfare, the economy, and cyber crime…please take a look at the ‘cyber-mainia’ section which really illustrates the prevailing calm before the cyber storm…


People’s Republic of China’s “Warfare” Strategies and Tactics

Don’t Buy the Cyberhype
How to Prevent Cyberwars From Becoming Real Ones
Cyberwar Is Mostly Bunk
Cyberwar: nerds to the front! | World | DW.DE | 08.08.2013
The Changing and Terrifying Nature of the New Cyber-Warfare
The cyberwar against the media

US Facing Barriers in Cyber Talks with People’s Republic China…
No kidding…no one in USGOV careerland (e,g, Painter) speaks or understands…信 息作战, 網絡戰, 网 络战 or 信 息战争…
Chinese government evaluating IBM, Oracle, EMC for security risks | Electronista
How to protect yourself when outsourcing to China
Baidu Deal May Reduce App Piracy in China
IBM, Oracle, EMC Targeted In People’s Republic of China Security Probe: Report
The cyber tech cold war continues….
Goldman, Morgan Stanley in talks to buy stake in People’s Republic of China’s Huarong: FT

Will Lockheed Martin Risk People’s Republic of China’s Wrath by Supplying 66 F-16s to Taiwan? (LMT)
30 Boeing Attack Helicopters Headed for Taiwan (BA)

People’s Republic of China’s voyage of discovery to cross the less frozen north

Are Chinese Hackers Really From China?

Network-Centric Warfare in Asia

China’s New “Secret Stimulus” Program: Likonomics Is Dead

People’s Republic of China Says Broadband Speeds Of 20 Mbps By 2015

Ethiopia signs mobile expansion deal with People’s Republic of China’s ZTE

China’s Everbright probed over share spike | Reuters
People’s Republic of China Everbright Bank joins hands with telecom giant in mobile finance – Xinhua
People’s Republic of China expects nationwide broadband by 2020 – Xinhua |
IT key to economic future: State Council – Xinhua |
Efforts stepped up to curb fraudulent ID card use – Xinhua |
Agency fails to disclose full evaluation of China’s state-run firms|

‘United Asean will try to convince China on sea code of conduct’ |

N.Korea’s Vast Cyber Warfare Army
“IDF 8200 (cyberwar unit) is the best technology school on earth”–by-Joseph-Zernik-130816-906.html

Gen. Dempsey: U.S. military options against Iran “better” than last year

Threshold for kinetic response to cyber higher than for physical attack

“Estimating the cost of cyber crime and espionage”;recent
Cyber criminals add new exploit for recently patched Java vulnerability to their arsenal

Industrial control ‘honeypots’ show systems are under attack

Researchers Seek Better Ways To Track Malware’s Family Tree

Encryption is less secure than we thought
For sixty-five years, most information-theoretic analyses of cryptographic systems have made a mathematical assumption that turns out to be wrong.

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