Bad News in Trends of 2007

The infosec community got some bad news today in the first release of trends for 2007. Overall, things are not going as well as we would like. Attacks continue to rise and successful compromises that end in data compromise are up.

Attackers seems to have fully embraced client-side attacks and bot-nets for performing illicit activity and laptop theft is also seen as rising. As expected, identity theft is rapidly becoming a huge criminal enterprise with an entire underground economy emerging to support it.

Reports came out today that showed that malware attacks have doubled in 2007 and that data theft rates have TRIPLED!

From our standpoint, this validates that existing traditional security controls based around the perimeter simply are NOT WORKING. We must establish defense in depth. We must embrace enclaving, encryption of sensitive data and portable systems and establish proactive security mechanisms that can raise the bar of compromise out of the reach of the common attacker. Until we begin to think differently about security, data protection and privacy – these trends remain likely to increase even further.