Cyber Threat SA from Abu Dhabi Homeland Security Summit Middle East

Good day from Abu Dhabi, Additional Cyber Threat Situational Awareness @ the Homeland Security Summit Middle East –

People’s Republic of China High-ranking Military Spies Woo Australia Business Leaders

Watch a Chinese “Cyber Espionage Unit” Steal Files from an American Hard Drive in Real-Time

See it @

People’s Republic of China PLA’s “Department of Enemy Work” Reachs Out to Western Elites in Australia and US

No Chrome, No Firefox: Why Chinese Online Banking Still Requires Internet Explorer

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei: ‘trust us, we are being transparent’

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei’s Middle East Revenue Up 18% – –

ASIO hack: Julia Gillard defends intelligence funding for spy agency after Four Corners report

People’s Republic of China dismisses Australian spy HQ hacking claims

People’s Republic of China ‘hacked’ new Australian spy HQ | News | DW.DE | 28.05.2013

Telecoms official: G20 could be platform for cybersecurity

Iran’s approaching vote brings receding Web access

New Computer Attacks Traced to Iran, Officials Say

This Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar as Easy as Angry Birds | Danger Room |

Frustrated Chinese send complaints to White House website

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Cyber Situational Awareness stories from the International Cyber Front…yes folks Asymmetric Cyber Conflict

Red Dragon Rising bids you a great morning from Abu Dhabi & the Middle East Homeland Security Summit.

Here are some of the latest Cyber Situational Awareness stories from the International front you need to know…

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

See the entire story @

軍事行動古村 OP Middle Kingdom achieves objective of complete colonization of Australia…US scare tactics to keep Chinese business out

Premier Li : People’s Republic of China, Germany now economic ‘dream team’ OP Middle Kingdom continues…Colonization of Europe continues under OP Middle Kingdom…Germany acknowledges People’s Republic of China as the True Global Leader…

OP Middle Kingdom (軍事行動古村) captures United Kingdom as the People’s Republic of China continues affirmative colonization of the United Kingdom…UK and Germany ‘oppose duties on People’s Republic of China duties’

Tracing APT_163QQ Malware from the People’s Republic of China…Hong Kong

People’s Republic of China’s PLA: Electronic warfare unit in simulated offense-and-defense drill – People’s Daily Online

As Chinese Leader’s Visit Nears, United States Will Be Urged to Allow Retaliation Against Cyberattacks

Iranian Hackers targeting US oil, gas, and electric companies

The U.S.-China Showdown Over Cyber Attacks Heats Up

Strike Back If People’s Republic of China Steals IP, Companies Told —

People’s Republic of China’s Coexistence Strategy and the Consequences for World Order

Missile Defense with Chinese Characteristics

People’s Republic of China: Informatization Drives Expanded Scope of Public Security

A naval fleet of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Monday passed through the Miyako Strait and entered the Western Pacific Ocean for a training mission

Seriously? USA to legalize rootkits, spyware, ransomware and trojans to combat piracy?

People’s Republic of China to Build $5 Billion EU Beachhead in Belarus

軍事行動古村 OP Middle Kingdom…How do you spell ‘COLONIZATION’ by the People’s Republic of China “E U”
EU countries resist plan to impose duties on Chinese solar panels…

Next Target of COLONIZATION by the People’s Republic of China…Switzerland….軍事行動古村 OP Middle Kingdom…
People’s Republic of China calls time on import tariffs on Swiss watches

People’s Republic of China’s OP Middle Kingdom 軍事行動古村: Greece becomes trade battleground as China invests in NCI
The Chinese are interested in airports, harbours and railways…” Chinese colonization continues unabated…

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