CYBER SA ~ 1300Z27AUG2013

Good Morning Cyber SA Fans;

Relentless reports from many countries regarding the largest DDoS attack to hit the Internet in the People’s Republic of China…say don’t they have the Cisco-powered Great Firewall? Lots of cyber SA to enjoy this Tuesday the 27th of August 2013…relish in today’s cyber news…there’s more waiting on you for tomorrow!


中国互联网络信息中心 National Nodes DNS DDOS attacks suffered in the history of the largest

People’s Republic of China Internet hit by ‘largest ever’ attack…uh oh, let loose the dogs of war…
Chinese internet hit by largest ever DDoS attack
Chinese Internet Hit by Attack Over Weekend
People’s Republic of China’s internet hit by the country’s “largest ever” attack

Emerging markets drive Chinese browser firm UCWeb’s global expansion – Xinhua |

PLA Cavalry: Use the Beidou satellite system to good effect -…
Chinese satellite movements alarm experts
PLA stresses goal of stronger military – People’s Daily Online
PLA command confrontation drill concludes – People’s Daily Online

Chinese shipbuilder reveals breakthrough technology – People’s Daily Online

Sina, People’s Republic of China’s answer to Twitter, enters the mobile messaging battle with its own app
People’s Republic of China’s ‘new relationship’ trap
People’s Republic of China Bans a Law Professor From Classroom | Inside Higher Ed
Kenya and People’s Republic of China sign $5bn deals
Australia’s mining boom rolls on for Chinese entrepreneur in the outback
European Equipment Suppliers Win Third Of £2bn China Mobile 4G Contract
People’s Republic of China launches its first air-to-air missile from helicopter – The Times of India
45 Signs That the People’s Republic of China Is Colonizing America

U.S. spied on UN: German weekly – Xinhua |

DPRK offers mobile internet access for foreigners – Xinhua |

Koobface worm-flinging gangster linked to pharma spam ops • The Register

MoleRats Hackers Hitting Israeli Government With Poison Ivy Malware

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Cyber Threat SA for 20AUG2013

Good Tuesday morning Folks –

Much cyber news and situational awareness(SA) to take note of today…of mention is the extensive plan by the People’s Republic of China to increase bandwidth to consumers throughout the Middle Kingdom…Apple & Samsung get no love in China…Corruption in China’s State Owned Enterprise (SOE) China Mobile…

We also have a few stories on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cyber plans and methodologies…ph yes, don’t forget about North Korean and Pakistan too.., for a complete discussion on the nation states – you really should view and apply to join their respective LinkedIn discussion Groups…. and….

Enjoy tomorrow’s cyber news today…

Cyber – the good, the bad and the bug-free


China’s Report on US Military Cyber Troop Strength
Broadband blueprint to facilitate China’s economic restructuring – Xinhua | |
BEIJING: People’s Republic of China in big push against opinion-leading blogs – Technology
Chang meets Hagel for Sino-US Pentagon talks
Pacifying the Maoists
Chinese Politiks…Blasts from the past
Degrees of Uncertainty in the People’s Republic of China’s Future –

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei offends Pakistan with independence day message\
Yahoo’s email service is now closed in People’s Republic of China
This new startup connects developers with China’s multitude of Android app stores
Significant cyber avenues of approach…
Philippines, Taiwan Conflict Results in Cyber Firefight | Analysis Intelligence
China Steps Up Anti-Monopoly Probe in Oil and Telecom中国掀反垄断风暴 央企无豁免权_财经频道_一财网
Another China Mobile Exec Investigated on Suspicion of Corruption –
People’s Republic of China’s Alibaba Buys Stake in U.S. Online Vendor 阿里巴巴投资美国电商 “国际化”增加估值_财经频道_一财网
People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo Continues Inexorable Rise Towards World Domination
Chinese consumers losing interest in Apple and Nokia and turn to Samsung and domestic brands
Baidu Deal May Reduce App Piracy in the People’s Republic of China
US probes JP Morgan China staff

Liaoning will serve as the commanding ship of PLA Navy:…

Not Really Made in China (or the United States)

Cyber Security in South Korea: The Threat Within

Blogs begin to play a prominent political role | Russia

MTNL’s Mumbai website hacked by Pakistani hacker:

The Convenient Timing of Iran-Linked Hacker Operations | Analysis…
Iran’s Top Diplomat to Take Key Nuclear Complex Post |
CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup
Documents Provide New Details on Mosaddeq Overthrow and Its Aftermath

Al-Qaida Members Seen Using Chat Rooms to Plan Attacks |

U.S. Dept. of Energy reports second security breach
U.S. power plants, utilities face growing cyber vulnerability
Cyber security economics like a Ponzi scheme: Gartner
ZeuS-P2P internals – understanding the mechanics: a technical report
A Closer Look: Perkele Android Malware Kit — Krebs on Security
DIY automatic cybercrime-friendly ‘redirectors generating’ service spotted in the wild


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Chinese Cyber Military Situational Awareness & other fun stories from ‘Cybernia”

Good day Folks;

Some very peculiar chatter from within the People’s Republic of China today lends itself to this edition of Chinese Cyber Military Situational Awareness & other fun stories from ‘Cybernia”…
Make note of the Huawei stories as well the PLA’s 86th birthday…while China’s President Xi Jinping tell’s the army in China how to behave…

People’s Republic of China’s Hackers, bloggers & professors team up to tap into blocked microblog content
Asian Spying Said to Focus on U.S. Radiation-Hardened Electronics
Move over Huawei, there’s a new People’s Republic of China bogeyman in town and it’s called Lenovo
Intelligence Agencies Ban People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei announces successful completion of Boracay-Palawan submarine cable system
China’s OP Middle Kingdom now completes Phase V in the Philippines…
French Scholar Challenges Western Preoccupation With Chinese ‘Threat’
People’s Republic of China’s OP Middle Kingdom now completes Phase VI in France…Manadrin Chinese classes no longer optional at university….

People’s Republic of China’s Economic Strategy Series…观察者网-中国关怀 全球视野
Detailed Operational Panning Documents for Operation Middle Kingdom…

People’s Republic of China’s Xi: Troops must strictly follow CPC leadership – Xinhua |
PLA Troops must demonstrate IDEOLOGICAL PURITY…
China’s Ambassador Cui Tiankai Celebrating the 86th Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA |
Soldiers of People’s Republic of China’s female special forces unit – Xinhua |

How much does it cost to buy one thousand Russian/Eastern European based malware-infected hosts

Iran’s Next Cabinet: Technocratic and Security-Focused

Navy awards contract to Boeing to prepare EA-18G Growler electronic warfare jet to accept Next-Generation Jammer
How long before BOEING admits they were targeted and hacked again by the People’s Republic of China….?

Battle line: Cyberspace –

When Would Cyber War Lead to Real War?



US & People’s Republic of China FINALLY Make Cyber Security a Strategic Issue…

Good Day Folks;

US & People’s Republic of China FINALLY Make Cyber Security a Strategic Issue…FBI are you paying attention?
Many differing reporting styles from around the World regarding the US & the People’s Republic of China discussing cyber security as a strategic national/international matter…NOT one for Law Enforcement…Only now all the Chinese pay attention the US regarding the loosely attributable claims of hacking by the “Chinese” against the US…I wonder why it took so long for the “China Experts” in DC to figure this one out…!?

Enjoy the news folks – and note to the FBI – the People’s Republic of China perhaps isn’t the boogeyman we want them to be…interesting…no!?

People’s Republic of China, US hold talks on cyber security – Xinhua |
Commentary: Don’t let cyber security overshadow key China-U.S. dialogue – Xinhua |
Cyber, trade, relationship building among top issues at China-U.S. S&ED talks – Xinhua |
VLADIVOSTOK…CPC official urges global cooperation against cyber crimes, faster steps on norms – Xinhua |
People’s Republic of China and US talks on cyber security ‘make progress’

People’s Republic of China, US hold talks on cyber security –
People’s Republic of China, US hold cyberissues talks
People’s Republic of China, US talks on cyber security work…IRAN English Radio,-us-talks-on-cyber-security-work

People’s Republic of China, U.S. talks on cyber security go well: REUTERS

U.S., China begin formal cybersecurity talks Cybersecurity |

US, People’s Republic of China to take up hacking, business rows

U.S.-People’s Republic of China cybersecurity talks inching along –

US and People’s Republic of China cyber-security talks ‘go well’ despite Snowden factor |

Facts about the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue
People’s Republic of China has ‘mountains of data’ about cyber attacks coming from US

Japan highlights China as ‘security threat’
China’s ministry of national defence slams US for cyber security

Pentagon accuses People’s Republic of China of hacking US government computer systems

US Government, Industry Fed up with Chinese Cyber Theft; What’s Being Done? | PBS NewsHour |

People’s Republic of China and US in cyber security talks
U.S. Downplays Spying Accusations in China Hacking Talks

No wonder the People’s Republic of China is worried about Android—the NSA helped write its source code

Data Wiping Attacks in South Korea Were Culmination of Multi-Year Espionage Campaign

South Korea Plans a Big Boost to Cybersecurity Staffing

Cyber Security: Pakistan To Promote And Legislate Cyber Security

Federal Cybersecurity Initiatives Demand Vigilance of Communication and Energy Infrastructure Owners and Operators
20 critical controls do improve cybersecurity, but are you using them?

NIST Releases Draft Outline of Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
Iran will begin assigning state-issued email addresses to all citizens, a move officials are contending will maintain citizens’ privacy and facilitate communication between the state and the people.

Enjoy –

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People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

Good morning Folks –

Much news to post for a Sunday…remember the Red Dragon’s thought, controversial and unpopular stories are published on the weekends…today 9 JUNE 2013 is certainly a landmark day….enjoy the cyber threat intelligence news of the day from all corners of the cyber world…here is today’s edition of People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

Cyber ceasefire? US & the People’s Republic of Hacking <> square off over Internet espionage claims

US-China summit ends with accord on all but cyber-espionage
Obama’s meeting with Xi overshadowed by revelations of NSA’s snooping –

Cyber crimes confrontation at Obama Xi summit

U.S. and China Move Closer on North Korea, but Not on Cyberespionage

Redefining relations [China Daily]

Obama tells intelligence chiefs to draw up cyber target list – full document text
People’s Republic of China is @ the top of the targeting list…uh oh…

People’s Republic of Hacking <> flips cybersecurity tables; reports claim U.S. is prepping attacks

Did the People’s Republic of China Leak Prism Deliberately?

The Economist’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Cover & PRISM Won’t Stop Obama & Xi

People’s Republic of China’s Response to Pentagon Report “Baseless, Counterproductive”

People’s Republic of China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors

People’s Republic of China’s 2013 Defense White Paper in Perspective

People’s Republic of China’s Iraq Oil Strategy Comes Into Sharper Focus

People’s Republic of China To America: You Hack Us, Too – Network Computing

People’s Republic of China hacking vs. Pentagon whacking: An arms race in cyber-space?

People’s Republic of Chain’s Huawei reiterates that its products do not pose a security threat

Censoring Remembrance: People’s Republic of China’s Twenty-Fourth Unrealized Commemoration

People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo And Huawei: Chinese Smartphones Ready To Take On The World

Fiat could look for new China partner for Jeep: CEO

US Naval Academy Launches Cyber Operations Major…Mandarin Chinese not to be offered….

Is “cyber war” just a scare tactic?
“Officials warn of looming Armageddon. Critics say it’s a subterfuge to erode online privacy and accountability…”Oh, the hyperbole…”

The State of Cyber-War

Taiwan to open new cyberwar unit

2 more Taiwanese sites attacked in cyberwar tit-for-tat

China’s 2nd State…Taiwan Military Reform: Declining Operational Capabilities?

People’s Republic of China’s ZTE sends 400Gbps over 3,100 miles
People’s Republic of China’s ZTE redines High Speed Avenue of Approach in Chinese Military offensive cyber weapons arsenal…

CCTV reveals Chinese army unit number, military praised for transparency

China v the US: how the superpowers compare |

Defending an Open, Global Internet: China Is Not the Only Challenge, But Is a Big One

Chinese Corporate Espionage: A Legal Gray Area?

UK monthly exports to China hit £1bn for first time
ONS sees marked shift in Britain’s trading patterns as UK firms diversify away from crisis-hit eurozone

U.S. Internet Spying Draws Anger, and Envy

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 1—-the-Reality-the-Reason-and-the-Resolution-Part-1.html

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 2

U.S. on Offense in Cyber War: Building Command Center, Hiring Warriors

Clearing the air on cyber, electronic warfare | Deep Dive Intel

Editorial: Cyberwar Defense

Commentary: Keep Cyberwar Narrow |

US DoD Sheds First Clear Light On AirSea Battle: Warfare Unfettered…discovers Chinese PLA “Unrestricted Warfare”…

Waging the cyber war in Syria

Iranian Lawmaker: US Cyber War on Iran Violating Int’l Law


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Global Cyber Threat Intelligence…Holy Crap All This on a Monday…?!

Good morning Folks..Global Cyber Threat Intelligence…Holy Crap All This on a Monday…?! All this and a bag of chips…

People’s Republic of China’s digitalized troops begin to take shape

What to Expect June 4, People’s Republic of China’s Unofficial and Orwellian ‘Internet Maintenance Day’

People’s Republic of China’s Government is Stifling Tech Innovation and Prolonging Social Problems

Raspberry Pi: Beating the Censorship of The People’s Republic of China’s Great Firewall

US & People’s Republic of China to discuss cybersecurity at high-level diplomatic meetings
United States is next target of OP Middle Kingdom…colonization by the People’s Republic of China….

US Sec Def Chuck Hagel accuses People’s Republic of China of ‘cyber intrusions’ on US
Didn’t Hagel get the memo from POTUS…?

What happens when People’s Republic of China hacks U.S. weapons designs?

People’s Republic of China, US agree to talks on cyber theft and espionage

Hackers Are Spying On You: Inside the World of Digital Espionage

Hagel says Chinese cyberattacks a “growing threat” People’s Republic of China |

US Cyber Chief: Military Is Unprepared for Hacking

Government-developed standards not an effective cybersecurity approach..Hire the People’s Republic of China

Why the US needs People’s Republic of China’s Huawei more than Huawei needs the US

Australian Defence electronics manufacturer hacked by Chinese

If Britain wants greater prosperity, we need to look East to People’s Republic of China
United Kingdom colonization by People’s Republic of China is now complete…OP Middle Kingdom

Kuwait Commercial and government enterprise market key to Huawei’s growth in 2013 | Huawei Technologies

Los Alamos director: cyber-securing U.S. electrical grid key to energy security

An Elizabethan Cyberwar

A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986 to 2012 | Atlantic Council

U.S. & People’s Republic of China to Hold Regular Talks on Hacking

People’s Republic of China Rapidly Taking Over World Economically

People’s Republic of China Reaps Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom

People’s Republic of China And The Biggest Territory Grab Since World War II

People’s Republic of China’s Economic Empire

How to Play Well With People’s Republic of China

China Voice: Pentagon report deviates from building trust – People’s Daily Online

People’s Republic of China skeptical of expanded US role in the Pacific;-Hagel-warns-Beijing-on-computer-based-attacks/id-526b8c8f680443d9ac415836133521be

Chinese navy begins US economic zone patrols –
US Navy Admiral Samual Locklear says”It is ok the PLAN is patrolling, we encourage them to do that, especially since we are not under he OSD Sequester and have US Marines aboard our flat bottom amphibs”….

Chinese general reveals ‘strategy’ for Panatag takeover
Major General Zhang Zhaozhong reflects on US Navy Admiral Samual Locklear comments “It is ok the PLAN is patrolling, we encourage them to do that, especially since we are not under he OSD Sequester and have US Marines aboard our flat bottom amphibs”….

People’s Republic of China accused the U.S. of interfering in China’s internal affairs by the June incident
中国指责美国借六四事件干涉中国内政 – 中国数字时代中国指责美国借六四事件干涉中国内政/?

People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Truth: Japan-Africa, South China Sea – China Digital Times (CDT)

People’s Republic of China warns U.N. against ‘irresponsible remarks’ on North Koreans | Reuters

China-North Korea Dossier No. 2: “China’s ‘Measure of Reserve’ toward Succession”

Hacking the Drone War’s Secret History

Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer on Way to Chess World Record

USSR’s old domain name attracts cybercriminals

U.S. Targets Iran’s Petrochemical Industry

Iran prepared to counter US cyber threats: Lawmaker

Marine Corps prepares to cut cord on NMCI…NON MISSION CAPABLE INTERNET…

Back to the Basics: Chess, Poker & the Future of Warfare

Interpol filter scope creep: ASIC ordering unilateral website blocks

Anticipating Cyber Threats Beyond APT

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Cyber Threat SA for Thursday from Abu Dhabi…

Good morning from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates…

Here are the latest cyber threat intelligence notes you need to be aware of…enjoy!

People’s Republic of China says it is opposed to all forms of hacking

People’s Republic of China’s military to drill on digitalized forces – Xinhua |

Chinese hackers have access to major US weapons designs, report says

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei all governments hack secret data using their kit –

U.S., Australia reports allege new spying by People’s Republic of China hackers –

Australia: People’s Republic of China spy agency hack claims ‘will not hit ties’ – Hack claims over Australia spy HQ

Spy claim no threat to People’s Republic of China ties: Foreign Minister Carr

Australian spy HQ plans stolen by Chinese hackers: report

REPORT: Chinese Hackers Stole Plans For Dozens Of Critical US Weapons Systems

Researchers uncover new global cyberespionage operation dubbed Safe

Cyber Attack on Norway’s Telenor was part of large cyberespionage operation with Indian origins, report says

US accuses Iran of hacking energy companies

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Cyber Threat SA from Abu Dhabi Homeland Security Summit Middle East

Good day from Abu Dhabi, Additional Cyber Threat Situational Awareness @ the Homeland Security Summit Middle East –

People’s Republic of China High-ranking Military Spies Woo Australia Business Leaders

Watch a Chinese “Cyber Espionage Unit” Steal Files from an American Hard Drive in Real-Time

See it @

People’s Republic of China PLA’s “Department of Enemy Work” Reachs Out to Western Elites in Australia and US

No Chrome, No Firefox: Why Chinese Online Banking Still Requires Internet Explorer

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei: ‘trust us, we are being transparent’

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei’s Middle East Revenue Up 18% – –

ASIO hack: Julia Gillard defends intelligence funding for spy agency after Four Corners report

People’s Republic of China dismisses Australian spy HQ hacking claims

People’s Republic of China ‘hacked’ new Australian spy HQ | News | DW.DE | 28.05.2013

Telecoms official: G20 could be platform for cybersecurity

Iran’s approaching vote brings receding Web access

New Computer Attacks Traced to Iran, Officials Say

This Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar as Easy as Angry Birds | Danger Room |

Frustrated Chinese send complaints to White House website

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