International Cyber Situational Awareness for the Beginning of July 2013

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Nonetheless, here is a lengthy compilation of some of the latest International Cyber Situational Awareness for the Beginning of July 2013 –

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U.S. to press People’s Republic of China on cyber theft: Lew

People’s Republic of China Accuses U.S. of Hypocrisy on Cyberattacks |

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei’s Best-Kept Secret: An Army of Engineers

U.S. Is a ‘Hacker Empire,’ Says Chinese Military Analyst

U.S. Prism, Meet People’s Republic of China’s Golden Shield

LAP Green & the People’s Republic of China’s Huawei ink settlement agreement

The Willie Suttons of the Cyberage – Can we stop bad guys from getting into U.S. networks? |

JFQ-70: Unpacking Cyberwar: The Sufficiency of the Law of Armed Conflict in the Cyber Domain

Awaiting Cyber 9/11

Snowden spy row grows as US is accused of hacking People’s Republic of China

EXCLUSIVE: NSA targeted People’s Republic of China’s Tsinghua University in extensive hacking attacks
“…Tsinghua University, widely regarded as the mainland’s top education and research institute, was the target of extensive hacking by US spies this year.”

EXCLUSIVE: US hacked Pacnet, Asia Pacific fibre-optic network operator, in 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Booz Hamilton NSA Contractor safe in Hong Kong, more US cyberspying details revealed

US hacks Chinese mobile phones: Booz Hamilton Contractor: US National Security FAIL

Civic Party demands the US respond to hacking claims

Edward Snowden alleges US hacking People’s Republic of China phone firms

People’s Republic of China completes internet monitoring scheme in Tibet

Xi Jinping’s Decade And The Future Of Sino-American Relations – Analysis

People’s Republic of China’s Xi harks back to Mao in party ‘cleanup’

What to Make of Xi Jinping’s Maoist Turn

Hagel Vows to Prioritize Cyber, Nuclear Capabilities…Si vis pacem, para bellum
US DoD News Article…矽對海洋和平,帕拉戰爭

People’s Republic of China: U.S. should not hold multiple standards in cyber world – People’s Daily Online

People’s Republic of China ~ Snowden spying claims rejected – People’s Daily Online

U.S. charges Snowden with espionage

Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China for years

Snowden’s Leaks on People’s Republic of China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate |

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets up cyberdiplomacy office

People’s Republic of China asks U.S. to explain Internet surveillance

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei, ZTE see vindication amid US cyber-spying scandal

People’s Republic of Acquisition: Nokia stock rises on rumors of Huawei acquisition
Operation Middle Kingdom – Finalnd technology now acquistion target of People’s Republic of China’s HUAWEI

People’s Republic of China completes Internet, phone monitoring scheme for Tibet

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei says has no plans to buy Nokia,huawei-says-has-no-plans-to-buy-nokia.aspx

Soft Power: A U.S.-China Battleground?

People’s Republic of China’s tyranny of uniqueness

Reforming the People’s Republic of China’s State-Owned Enterprises

People’s Republic of China lands three astronauts on Tiangong-1 space station

Home Office Throws £4m At Educating Britain On Cyber Security
Awareness push from government celebrated by industry

Report: UK spies hacked foreign diplomats

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications

People’s Republic of China diversifies UK interests as Dalian Wanda invests £1bn in luxury brands

Use Tor, Get Targeted By the NSA –

What the NSA Does With the Data It Isn’t Allowed to Keep

Schneier on Security: US Offensive Cyberwar Policy

The keyboard: The weapon of choice in new type of warfare

Iran oil ministry denies cyber attack

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People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

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Much news to post for a Sunday…remember the Red Dragon’s thought, controversial and unpopular stories are published on the weekends…today 9 JUNE 2013 is certainly a landmark day….enjoy the cyber threat intelligence news of the day from all corners of the cyber world…here is today’s edition of People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

Cyber ceasefire? US & the People’s Republic of Hacking <> square off over Internet espionage claims

US-China summit ends with accord on all but cyber-espionage
Obama’s meeting with Xi overshadowed by revelations of NSA’s snooping –

Cyber crimes confrontation at Obama Xi summit

U.S. and China Move Closer on North Korea, but Not on Cyberespionage

Redefining relations [China Daily]

Obama tells intelligence chiefs to draw up cyber target list – full document text
People’s Republic of China is @ the top of the targeting list…uh oh…

People’s Republic of Hacking <> flips cybersecurity tables; reports claim U.S. is prepping attacks

Did the People’s Republic of China Leak Prism Deliberately?

The Economist’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Cover & PRISM Won’t Stop Obama & Xi

People’s Republic of China’s Response to Pentagon Report “Baseless, Counterproductive”

People’s Republic of China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors

People’s Republic of China’s 2013 Defense White Paper in Perspective

People’s Republic of China’s Iraq Oil Strategy Comes Into Sharper Focus

People’s Republic of China To America: You Hack Us, Too – Network Computing

People’s Republic of China hacking vs. Pentagon whacking: An arms race in cyber-space?

People’s Republic of Chain’s Huawei reiterates that its products do not pose a security threat

Censoring Remembrance: People’s Republic of China’s Twenty-Fourth Unrealized Commemoration

People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo And Huawei: Chinese Smartphones Ready To Take On The World

Fiat could look for new China partner for Jeep: CEO

US Naval Academy Launches Cyber Operations Major…Mandarin Chinese not to be offered….

Is “cyber war” just a scare tactic?
“Officials warn of looming Armageddon. Critics say it’s a subterfuge to erode online privacy and accountability…”Oh, the hyperbole…”

The State of Cyber-War

Taiwan to open new cyberwar unit

2 more Taiwanese sites attacked in cyberwar tit-for-tat

China’s 2nd State…Taiwan Military Reform: Declining Operational Capabilities?

People’s Republic of China’s ZTE sends 400Gbps over 3,100 miles
People’s Republic of China’s ZTE redines High Speed Avenue of Approach in Chinese Military offensive cyber weapons arsenal…

CCTV reveals Chinese army unit number, military praised for transparency

China v the US: how the superpowers compare |

Defending an Open, Global Internet: China Is Not the Only Challenge, But Is a Big One

Chinese Corporate Espionage: A Legal Gray Area?

UK monthly exports to China hit £1bn for first time
ONS sees marked shift in Britain’s trading patterns as UK firms diversify away from crisis-hit eurozone

U.S. Internet Spying Draws Anger, and Envy

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 1—-the-Reality-the-Reason-and-the-Resolution-Part-1.html

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 2

U.S. on Offense in Cyber War: Building Command Center, Hiring Warriors

Clearing the air on cyber, electronic warfare | Deep Dive Intel

Editorial: Cyberwar Defense

Commentary: Keep Cyberwar Narrow |

US DoD Sheds First Clear Light On AirSea Battle: Warfare Unfettered…discovers Chinese PLA “Unrestricted Warfare”…

Waging the cyber war in Syria

Iranian Lawmaker: US Cyber War on Iran Violating Int’l Law


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People’s Republic of Hacking…Latest Cyber Threat SA…

Good day folks, here’s the most current People’s Republic of Hacking…Latest Cyber Threat SA…

People’s Republic of Hacking: Chinese Hackers Behind ‘NetTraveller’ Global Cyber Surveillance

People’s Republic of China has ‘mountains of data’ about U.S. cyber attacks: official

People’s Republic of China is victim of hacking attacks – People’s Daily Online
Incredible Infographic about the People’s Republic of China as a victim of hacking….

How the People’s Republic of China’s ZTE is winning the US market – People’s Daily Online

Global IT and techno-jingoism – People’s Daily Online

This week Barack Obama must avoid the start of a cold war with People’s Republic of China
Guess no one told the Guardian that the Cold War with the People’s Republic of China started months ago…

Shaming Chinese hackers won’t work because cyber-espionage is here to stay

People’s Republic of Siamese Copycats: Lei Jun Builds His Xiaomi Empire by Aping Apple and Steve Jobs

People’s Republic of Hacking: Cyber-attacks likely to take centre stage when Obama and Xi meet in California

Michelle Obama ‘snubs’ China’s first lady

Cyber Command Redefines the Art | SIGNAL Magazine

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International Cyber Threat Situational Awareness…

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Here is a very comprehensive list of the latest International Cyber Threat Situational Awareness…

Silicon Valley at front line of global cyber-war…People’s Republic of China dominates US

China’s military to drill on digitalized forces – Xinhua |

OP Middle Kingdom: PLA joint cyberwarfare drill to show new strength and sophistication
The People’s Liberation Army will conduct its first joint combat drills involving cyberwarfare, special troops, army aviation and electronic countermeasures units next month to test the integration and co-ordination of its land and air forces, state media reported yesterday.

People’s Republic of China Developing ‘Digital’ Military Forces

PLA joint cyberwarfare drill to show new strength and sophistication

Chinese army to include digital forces in June military drill
The drill will be carried out in late June at the Zhurihe training base in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which is the country’s largest military field, it said. Forces from the Beijing Military Area Command, as well as eight military academics will be participating.

People’s Republic of China Doesn’t Care if Its ‘Digitalized’ Military Cyberwar Drill Scares You

People’s Republic of China army to conduct first digital exercise

People’s Republic of China army to conduct first “digital” exercise

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Denies Involvement in US Cyber-Attacks

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Security Chief: We Are the Most “Poked” Company in the World

People’s Republic of China Denies Stealing New ASIO Headquarters Plans
Chinese military spokeswoman says ” we have already colonized Australia, why would we steal anything?”

People’s Republic of China’s digitalized troops begin to take shape – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China willing to hold dialogues with U.S. on cyber security – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China’s Doublethink on the Law of the Sea

Tiananmen Square online searches censored by Chinese authorities

People’s Republic of China signals hunger for Arctic’s mineral riches
Operation Middle Kingdom focuses on further colonization of Iceland and eventually most of Scandinavia including Norway….

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream
People’s Republic of China’s President Xi Jinping decsribes Operation Middle Kingdom as the reformist/nationalist view aka The Chinese Dream

Soft Power? The People’s Republic of China Has Plenty
Great article defining Operation Middle Kingdom and the colonization of Australia, British Isles and Canada….

TAIWAN: President Ma takes part in computerized war games

Commentary: People’s Republic of China should publish report on U.S. military power – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China, Canada sign initiative on military cooperation – People’s Daily
OP Middle Kingdom – the People’s Republic of China now successful in adding Canada as the latest country to be colonized…United Kingdom and Australia have already initiated mandatory “Learn Chinese” courses…

Chinese defense minister meets Canadian Minister of National Defence – People’s Daily

Intellectual property theft detection is the best prevention–detection-is-the-best-prevention/article/295643/

IT security: M&A transactions are a different matter

American Gets Targeted by Digital Spy Tool Sold to Foreign Governments

Google believes zero-day vulnerabilities should be responded to within a week


Microsoft to offer threat data in ‘near real-time’ to Certs and ISPs

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