International Cyber Threat Situational Awareness…

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Here is a very comprehensive list of the latest International Cyber Threat Situational Awareness…

Silicon Valley at front line of global cyber-war…People’s Republic of China dominates US

China’s military to drill on digitalized forces – Xinhua |

OP Middle Kingdom: PLA joint cyberwarfare drill to show new strength and sophistication
The People’s Liberation Army will conduct its first joint combat drills involving cyberwarfare, special troops, army aviation and electronic countermeasures units next month to test the integration and co-ordination of its land and air forces, state media reported yesterday.

People’s Republic of China Developing ‘Digital’ Military Forces

PLA joint cyberwarfare drill to show new strength and sophistication

Chinese army to include digital forces in June military drill
The drill will be carried out in late June at the Zhurihe training base in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which is the country’s largest military field, it said. Forces from the Beijing Military Area Command, as well as eight military academics will be participating.

People’s Republic of China Doesn’t Care if Its ‘Digitalized’ Military Cyberwar Drill Scares You

People’s Republic of China army to conduct first digital exercise

People’s Republic of China army to conduct first “digital” exercise

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Denies Involvement in US Cyber-Attacks

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei Security Chief: We Are the Most “Poked” Company in the World

People’s Republic of China Denies Stealing New ASIO Headquarters Plans
Chinese military spokeswoman says ” we have already colonized Australia, why would we steal anything?”

People’s Republic of China’s digitalized troops begin to take shape – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China willing to hold dialogues with U.S. on cyber security – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China’s Doublethink on the Law of the Sea

Tiananmen Square online searches censored by Chinese authorities

People’s Republic of China signals hunger for Arctic’s mineral riches
Operation Middle Kingdom focuses on further colonization of Iceland and eventually most of Scandinavia including Norway….

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream
People’s Republic of China’s President Xi Jinping decsribes Operation Middle Kingdom as the reformist/nationalist view aka The Chinese Dream

Soft Power? The People’s Republic of China Has Plenty
Great article defining Operation Middle Kingdom and the colonization of Australia, British Isles and Canada….

TAIWAN: President Ma takes part in computerized war games

Commentary: People’s Republic of China should publish report on U.S. military power – People’s Daily

People’s Republic of China, Canada sign initiative on military cooperation – People’s Daily
OP Middle Kingdom – the People’s Republic of China now successful in adding Canada as the latest country to be colonized…United Kingdom and Australia have already initiated mandatory “Learn Chinese” courses…

Chinese defense minister meets Canadian Minister of National Defence – People’s Daily

Intellectual property theft detection is the best prevention–detection-is-the-best-prevention/article/295643/

IT security: M&A transactions are a different matter

American Gets Targeted by Digital Spy Tool Sold to Foreign Governments

Google believes zero-day vulnerabilities should be responded to within a week


Microsoft to offer threat data in ‘near real-time’ to Certs and ISPs

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