Cyber Threat SA for 20AUG2013

Good Tuesday morning Folks –

Much cyber news and situational awareness(SA) to take note of today…of mention is the extensive plan by the People’s Republic of China to increase bandwidth to consumers throughout the Middle Kingdom…Apple & Samsung get no love in China…Corruption in China’s State Owned Enterprise (SOE) China Mobile…

We also have a few stories on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cyber plans and methodologies…ph yes, don’t forget about North Korean and Pakistan too.., for a complete discussion on the nation states – you really should view and apply to join their respective LinkedIn discussion Groups…. and….

Enjoy tomorrow’s cyber news today…

Cyber – the good, the bad and the bug-free


China’s Report on US Military Cyber Troop Strength
Broadband blueprint to facilitate China’s economic restructuring – Xinhua | |
BEIJING: People’s Republic of China in big push against opinion-leading blogs – Technology
Chang meets Hagel for Sino-US Pentagon talks
Pacifying the Maoists
Chinese Politiks…Blasts from the past
Degrees of Uncertainty in the People’s Republic of China’s Future –

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei offends Pakistan with independence day message\
Yahoo’s email service is now closed in People’s Republic of China
This new startup connects developers with China’s multitude of Android app stores
Significant cyber avenues of approach…
Philippines, Taiwan Conflict Results in Cyber Firefight | Analysis Intelligence
China Steps Up Anti-Monopoly Probe in Oil and Telecom中国掀反垄断风暴 央企无豁免权_财经频道_一财网
Another China Mobile Exec Investigated on Suspicion of Corruption –
People’s Republic of China’s Alibaba Buys Stake in U.S. Online Vendor 阿里巴巴投资美国电商 “国际化”增加估值_财经频道_一财网
People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo Continues Inexorable Rise Towards World Domination
Chinese consumers losing interest in Apple and Nokia and turn to Samsung and domestic brands
Baidu Deal May Reduce App Piracy in the People’s Republic of China
US probes JP Morgan China staff

Liaoning will serve as the commanding ship of PLA Navy:…

Not Really Made in China (or the United States)

Cyber Security in South Korea: The Threat Within

Blogs begin to play a prominent political role | Russia

MTNL’s Mumbai website hacked by Pakistani hacker:

The Convenient Timing of Iran-Linked Hacker Operations | Analysis…
Iran’s Top Diplomat to Take Key Nuclear Complex Post |
CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup
Documents Provide New Details on Mosaddeq Overthrow and Its Aftermath

Al-Qaida Members Seen Using Chat Rooms to Plan Attacks |

U.S. Dept. of Energy reports second security breach
U.S. power plants, utilities face growing cyber vulnerability
Cyber security economics like a Ponzi scheme: Gartner
ZeuS-P2P internals – understanding the mechanics: a technical report
A Closer Look: Perkele Android Malware Kit — Krebs on Security
DIY automatic cybercrime-friendly ‘redirectors generating’ service spotted in the wild


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Cyber SA…Global Perspectives

Good Monday Folks;

Much news from Cyber~Land today – and thus, you may enjoy the most recent Global Perspectives of Cyber Situation Awareness (SA)…
Of particular note – information loss in the People’s Republic of China…now a crime bubbling to the service…Kenyan PC’s with Chinese malware and so much more in the China Section below, including missing US CBP & China cooperation posts; Iran’s Cyber Motivations & Actions…and of course, German and French Governments respond to PRISM…

All the cyber SA you might want in one dose!

中國人民共和國 – People’s Republic of China….

Infosecurity – Report: China Uses Taiwan as Test-Bed for US Cyber-Espionage Attacks

People’s Republic of China: 1,213 arrested for personal information trafficking – People’s Daily Online
“… 468 gangs and arrested 1,213 people for suspected personal information trafficking, according to a statement released Sunday by the Ministry of Public Security.”
Stronger laws urged to protect personal information – People’s Daily Online
People’s Republic of China ‘top source’ of malicious software in Kenyan computers
People’s Republic of China New York Times hackers strike again with evolved malware

Censorship, external authentication, and other social media lessons from China’s Great Firewall

China’s Xiaomi sells 100,000 units of new $130 phone in 90 seconds, chalks up 7.45m reservations |
Xiaomi Beats Samsung To Top China’s Smartphone Charts | TechCrunch

CBP – U.S. Customs and Border Protection / U.S., China Announce Results of First Joint Intellectual Property Operation
This original CBP Press relaese was removed from the web here:

Also removed from South China Morning Post:
U.S., People’s Republic of China team up to seize counterfeit goods in joint operation


Intelligence: People’s Republic of China Dodges Accusations
Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei continues to be dogged by accusations that it is acting as an economic and military espionage agent for the Chinese military.
People’s Republic of China’s Economy Slows but Its Influence Rises
People’s Republic of China Rising, Huawei Team For Secure Virtualization Solutions – ChinaTechNews
People’s Republic of China’s Huawei partners w/Telematics to bolster Unified Communications capabilities in UAE, Qatar –
Serbian Railways Opts for People’s Republoc of China’s Huawei Solutions
People’s Republic of China Blames Cisco for Huawei’s U.S. Woes

It’s Not Just the People’s Republic of China: Indian Hacker Group Spied On Targets In Pakistan, U.S. And Europe – Forbes
Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI hacks India’s largest telco BSNL Systems by Social Engineering

Escalation Cause: How the Pentagon’s new strategy could trigger war with the People’s Republic of China
“…according to Air-Sea Battle, U.S. forces would launch physical attacks and cyberattacks against the enemy’s “kill-chain” of sensors and weaponry in order to disrupt its command-and-control systems, wreck its launch platforms (including aircraft, ships, and missile sites), and finally defeat the weapons they actually fire. The sooner the kill-chain is broken, the less damage U.S. forces will suffer — and the more damage they will be able to inflict on the enemy.”
A Future Without War for the People’s Republic of China & the US |
People’s Republic of China among top five countries on US’ surveillance list – TruthDive
“…the list of NSA’s spying targets, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea are of prime importance for surveillance, Der Spiegal reports.

According to the report, the US is especially interested in gathering intelligence related to the countries’ foreign policy, international trade and economic stability along with topics related to new technology and energy security which score low level priority.”
H-6K bombers used by PLA capable of reaching Hawaii: Kanwa Defense Review
The untold truth behind the US rebalancing policy…

People’s Republic of China investigates France’s Sanofi for alleged bribery: Xinhua


Iran’s cyber warfare could hit public more than military: report
Iran’s Covert Cyber War


Inside the Tor exploit | ZDNet
Hackers put a bull’s-eye on small business | PCWorld
Reported data breached records in US from 2005 to present exceed 500 million | ZDNet
Meet Darknet, the hidden, anonymous underbelly of the searchable Web | PCWorld

The Classifieds
“Are American spies the next victims of the Internet age?”
Deutsche Telekom and United Internet launch ‘made in Germany’ email in response to PRISM | ZDNet
Spy or Die – Can corporate suicide stop the NSA?

Fort Disco: The new brute-force botnet | ZDNet
The Danger of Mixing Cyberespionage With Cyberwarfare

France has its own PRISM system: Report | ZDNet
As the US and the UK admit that they are intercepting data for intelligence purposes, an investigative report has revealed that the French government is doing the same.


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