SilentTiger Targeted Threat Intelligence Update

Just a quick update on SilentTiger™, our passive security assessment and intelligence engine. 

We have released a new version of the platform to our internal team, and this new version automatically builds the SilentTiger configuration for our analysts. That means that clients using our SilentTiger offering will no longer have to provide any more information than the list of domain names to engage the process. 

This update also now includes a host inventory mechanism, and a new data point – who runs the IP addresses identified. This is very useful for finding out the cloud providers that a given set of targets are using and makes it much easier to find industry clusters of service providers that could be a risk to the supply chain.

For more information about using SilentTiger to perform ongoing assessments for your organization, your M&A prospects, your supply chain or as a form of industry intelligence, simply get in touch. Clients ranging from global to SMB and across a wide variety of industries are already taking advantage of the capability. Give us 20 minutes, and we’ll be happy to explain! 

Reminder: Upgrade HoneyPoint Console to 3.52

Just a quick reminder to all HoneyPoint Security Server users that Console 3.52 is now available on the distribution site. Access information for the distribution site is in the Quick Start Guide that you received when you first downloaded the product.

This new version of the Console component includes speed improvements, bug fixes and .DLL upgrades of some of the underlying modules.

Contact your account executive or technical support if you would like more information.

QuickTime 7.4 is available

The hits just keep coming! Apple has released another version of Quicktime this time around multiple vulnerabilities that may allow arbitrary code execution have been addressed. These include:

    An unspecified handling error in the processing of Sorenson 3 video files.

    An error in the processing of embedded Macintosh Resource records within QuickTime movies.

    Parsing errors of malformed Image Descriptor (IDSC) atoms.

    A boundary error in the processing of compressed PICT images.

We recommend that everyone upgrade to QuickTime 7.4
See Apple’s full advisory at: