Network Device Reviews, A Less Common Assessment

One of the less common assessments that MicroSolved performs for our clients is a Network Device Review (NDR). These assessments are aimed at helping clients assess the current state of specific devices or system configurations and improving them. 

Common devices assessed via this service include:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers and switches
  • IDS/IPS deployments and configurations
  • Load balancers
  • Workstation and server install and image baselines
  • ICS & SCADA devices from back end to customer premise

This type of assessment is performed using a combination of automated tools and manual time with our security engineers. The methodology leveraged to perform the assessment is very similar to our other assessments, with the engineers doing detailed analysis of attack surfaces and evaluation of relevant controls. Reports follow a more technical path for these services, with a technically focused report set and a small management level summary, keeping the cost of these services significantly less expensive than our deeper pen-testing and fuzzing assessments.

Customers often use these services to perform spot validation or as a part of an overall hardening project to improve their security posture organically. To learn more about the NDR service, get in touch with your account executive or contact us via info (at) micro solved (dot) com for a free conversation about how the NDR can help your organization.

As always, thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

June’s Touchdown Task: EVA Coverage Check

The touchdown task for June is to perform a quick and dirty check of your ongoing external vulnerability assessment. By now, you should have your Internet facing systems assessed each month, with weekly or daily checks applied to critical systems. If you aren’t having your systems assessed for vulnerabilities in an ongoing manner, get that process started. MSI can assist you with this, of course. 

But, the task for June is to check and make sure that ALL of your public Internet facing systems, interfaces and devices are being assessed. Sometimes new systems might get added to the public IP space without making it into your assessment plan. Take an hour and check to make sure all the devices you know of are covered by the assessment. Do some quick ping/port scanning to make sure you are getting coverage and nothing has snuck in that is being missed. Give your assessment process a quick review and make sure that it is running on the proper IP spaces or lists and that the reports are as you expect.

Until next month, stay safe out there! 

Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence News from Australia…People’s Republic of H@cking, NGC & Raytheon’s Best Public Appearance…FAIL

G’Day from Day Two of Australian Defence Magazine’s 3rd Annual Cyber Security Summit from Canberra, Australia…

It was hilarious yesterday as pasty late middle aged Americans stormed into Canberra from two major DoD Contractors. Describing in acronym laden, nervous voices how they could save the Australian defense world both from themselves and the giant new menace called China…with, get this, VAPOR FRICKIN’ WARE…yes the boys from NGC and Raytheon came in for only their speaking portions and announced they would save the world and then left – typical disingenuous American behavior overseas – it was as if they, as American businessmen are too important to develop relationships here in Canberra… C’mon guys if you are the best from these two companies then executive leadership should review hiring practices at NGC & Raytheon…enough ranting…

Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Plan Sees $23 Billion Through 2018 (1)
This what those pasty white middle age exec’s from NGC & Raytheon smell…US taxdollars for their new enemy China…

People’s Republic of China’s agenda in Switzerland (and Europe)…Operation Middle Kingdom
Operation Middle Kingdom = colonization of the West…

In first response to Snowden, People’s Republic of Hacking e.g.; China, skirts direct comment

NSA hacks People’s Republic of China, leaker Snowden claims
National Security FAIL…Booz Allen Hamilton

Communist Party of China in Hong Kong wants answers on Snowden’s hacking claims

Australia under attack from cyber spies

Malawi govt set to award digital TV migration deal to People’s Republic of China’s Huawei–948691

The NSA Has A Secret Group Called ‘TAO’ That’s Been Hacking China For 15 Years

U.S.-Chinese Summit: 4 Information Security Takeaways — People’s Republic of China Dominates Obama

China Reveals First Space-Based Quantum Communications Experiment

Google Says It Has Uncovered Iranian Spy Campaign

Iranian phishing on the rise as elections approach

The Shady Role of Start-ups in the NSA’s War on Cyber Terror

NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar |

NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar

Wall Street goes to war with hackers in Quantum Dawn 2 simulation

NSA leaker Edward Snowden: U.S. targets China with hackers
Massive National Security FAIL by Booz Allen….

Chinese piracy ring operator sentenced after selling military-related software…OP Crack99

China Syndrome: U.S. Issues Build

Hawaii Spy Case: Did Chinese Girlfriend Lure Secrets From Contractor?

Infosecurity – Gartner analysts drop the bomb on cyberwar hysteria

Presidential cyberwar directive gives Pentagon long-awaited marching orders

Cybersecurity hearing: NSA head Keith Alexander testifies in front of Senate

Tens of thousands of spamvertised emails lead to W32/Casonline

Global BotNet Visualized

RARSTONE Found In Targeted Attacks | …attacks were carried out using spear-phishing attacks against the target organizations, using messages related to diplomatic discussions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Enjoy –

Semper Fi


Australian Defence Magazine (ADM) Cyber Security Summit Day One…

G’Day from Canberra, Australia – truly down under…

So here we are the Red Dragon back in Australia in less than 3 weeks – trust me there is no honor in all the air miles…just dehydration, sleep deprivation and lousy food…

Nonetheless, here are some of the latest cyber threat news items related to Operation Middle Kingdom which the People’s Republic of China’s worldwide political, military and economic colonization of the Western world…please note that the complete colonization of the United Kingdom has taken place…Australia is not far behind although at least their political leadership is being open and not hiding the fact that Huawei wants in on the national broadband initiative…

NSA’s ultra-secret China hacking group…Report from Asia 12 JUN 2013

How Ordinary Chinese Saw the Xi-Obama Summit

Inside the NSA’s Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group – No Longer Ultra thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton Massive National Security FAIL

Inside the NSA’s Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group

Can Apple Conquer the People’s Republic of China With iOS7?

Realpolitik and Spinning the U.S.-China Summit

People’s Republic of Hacking…Adopting Technology, but Not the Freedoms, of the West

OP Red Star (紅星): Another advanced hacking crew from the People’s Republic of China is revealed

OP Middle Kingdom and Colonization of Australia…Chinese hackers linked to attack on Australian spy agency

U.S., Australia reports allege new spying by People’s Republic of China hackers –
Blueprints of new Australian spy headquarters stolen, report says

Canadian CIRC Anti-hacking agency slow to learn about Chinese cyberattack
People’s Republic of Hacking efforts to colonize Canada…Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre fails to understand sophistication of Chinese hacking efforts….

Operation Red Star (紅星): Another advanced hacking crew from the People’s Republic of China is revealed

NSA surveillance: The US is behaving like the People’s Republic of China

Edward Snowden breaks silence to defend himself over NSA surveillance leak –

Inevitable: US Spy Program Leaker Escapes to Hong Kong, Other Aftermath, How It Might Play Out

Booz Allen National Security Fink Snowden Is in Hong Kong. Chinese Don’t Care.
Yes and they hire only te best national securty risks at Booz Allen Hamilton…:-)

How the People’s Republic of China’s Huawei can dial down the fear factor –

People’s Republic of Chain’s Huawei opens Reading HQ as part of UK investment
Colonization of Britain under Operation Middle Kingdom now complete

People’s Republic of China Prepares Longest Ever Manned Space Mission

Beijing, We Have a Space Program |
China’s latest launch of a three-person spacecraft shows the East moving well ahead of the once dominant West

Chinese spacecraft blasts off from Gobi desert
Shenzhou 10 takes three astronauts to experimental space laboratory where they will give a lecture to students on Earth

Intelligence: World War II LST Threatens People’s Republic of China

How Sony Won the Next-Gen Console War in the Poeple’s Republic of China

Colonization of Nicaragua waterway to dwarf Panama canal…OP Middle Kingdom continues unabated…

Nicaragua fast-tracks Chinese plan to build canal to rival Panama

Edward Snowden vows not to ‘hide from justice’ amid new hacking claims
Booz Allen hiring practices…NATIONAL SECURITY FAIL…

Why Don’t More Chinese Internet Companies Expand Overseas?

Apple’s iOS 7 is Copying Other OS, Say Chinese Net Users

Why the People’s Republic of China May Limit “Carrier-Killer’s” Range

Internet Gurus Fear Iranian Assassins

Canada: Nation continues as growing breeding ground for malware

Talking cyber security with the UK government

UK banks fear cyber-attack more than euro crisis


Semper Fi…


See You At EPRI Event in Chicago

Next Monday, June 17th, I’ll be presenting at the EPRI conference in Chicago. My topic is a threat update on what attackers are targeting and what kind of value future state designs and other research/planning data has on the attacker market. If you’re going to be at the event, please join me for my presentation. If you’d like to grab a coffee or the like, let me know. I’ll be around all day. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there! 

People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

Good morning Folks –

Much news to post for a Sunday…remember the Red Dragon’s thought, controversial and unpopular stories are published on the weekends…today 9 JUNE 2013 is certainly a landmark day….enjoy the cyber threat intelligence news of the day from all corners of the cyber world…here is today’s edition of People’s Republic of China and Hacking the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB)….

Cyber ceasefire? US & the People’s Republic of Hacking <> square off over Internet espionage claims

US-China summit ends with accord on all but cyber-espionage
Obama’s meeting with Xi overshadowed by revelations of NSA’s snooping –

Cyber crimes confrontation at Obama Xi summit

U.S. and China Move Closer on North Korea, but Not on Cyberespionage

Redefining relations [China Daily]

Obama tells intelligence chiefs to draw up cyber target list – full document text
People’s Republic of China is @ the top of the targeting list…uh oh…

People’s Republic of Hacking <> flips cybersecurity tables; reports claim U.S. is prepping attacks

Did the People’s Republic of China Leak Prism Deliberately?

The Economist’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Cover & PRISM Won’t Stop Obama & Xi

People’s Republic of China’s Response to Pentagon Report “Baseless, Counterproductive”

People’s Republic of China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors

People’s Republic of China’s 2013 Defense White Paper in Perspective

People’s Republic of China’s Iraq Oil Strategy Comes Into Sharper Focus

People’s Republic of China To America: You Hack Us, Too – Network Computing

People’s Republic of China hacking vs. Pentagon whacking: An arms race in cyber-space?

People’s Republic of Chain’s Huawei reiterates that its products do not pose a security threat

Censoring Remembrance: People’s Republic of China’s Twenty-Fourth Unrealized Commemoration

People’s Republic of China’s Lenovo And Huawei: Chinese Smartphones Ready To Take On The World

Fiat could look for new China partner for Jeep: CEO

US Naval Academy Launches Cyber Operations Major…Mandarin Chinese not to be offered….

Is “cyber war” just a scare tactic?
“Officials warn of looming Armageddon. Critics say it’s a subterfuge to erode online privacy and accountability…”Oh, the hyperbole…”

The State of Cyber-War

Taiwan to open new cyberwar unit

2 more Taiwanese sites attacked in cyberwar tit-for-tat

China’s 2nd State…Taiwan Military Reform: Declining Operational Capabilities?

People’s Republic of China’s ZTE sends 400Gbps over 3,100 miles
People’s Republic of China’s ZTE redines High Speed Avenue of Approach in Chinese Military offensive cyber weapons arsenal…

CCTV reveals Chinese army unit number, military praised for transparency

China v the US: how the superpowers compare |

Defending an Open, Global Internet: China Is Not the Only Challenge, But Is a Big One

Chinese Corporate Espionage: A Legal Gray Area?

UK monthly exports to China hit £1bn for first time
ONS sees marked shift in Britain’s trading patterns as UK firms diversify away from crisis-hit eurozone

U.S. Internet Spying Draws Anger, and Envy

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 1—-the-Reality-the-Reason-and-the-Resolution-Part-1.html

Cyber Attacks — the Reality, the Reason and the Resolution. Part 2

U.S. on Offense in Cyber War: Building Command Center, Hiring Warriors

Clearing the air on cyber, electronic warfare | Deep Dive Intel

Editorial: Cyberwar Defense

Commentary: Keep Cyberwar Narrow |

US DoD Sheds First Clear Light On AirSea Battle: Warfare Unfettered…discovers Chinese PLA “Unrestricted Warfare”…

Waging the cyber war in Syria

Iranian Lawmaker: US Cyber War on Iran Violating Int’l Law


Semper Fi,


Cyber Espionage by the People’s Republic of Hacking…Operation Middle Kingdom

Good day Curious Friends –

Here’s the latest compilation of Cyber Espionage by the People’s Republic of Hacking…Operation Middle Kingdom…

Enjoy and start to learn Mandarin Chinese…the words you speak could save your life…

The Chinese cyber-intelligence effort

Information Warfare: America Admits the People’s Republic of Hacking aka China Took It All
Operation Middle Kingdom now focuses on colonizing the United States states PLA spokeswoman in Beijing…

Getting the People’s Republic of China to talk about cyber espionage

Chinese Cyber Espionage: Our Weapons Are OK, Says US DoD; Aussie Counter-Intel HQ At Risk

People’s Republic of China Seen in Push to Gain Technology Insights
Phase III of Operation Middle Kingdom now successful states Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Spokeswoman in Beijing…

With troops and techies, U.S. prepares for cyber warfare
矽對海洋和平,帕拉戰爭….Si vis pacem, para bellum

Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal documents, officials say
People’s Republic of China Hackers now linked to Political Cyber Espionage…

People’s Republic of China Seen in Push to Gain Technology Insights
Phase III of Operation Middle Kingdom now successful states Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Spokeswoman in Beijing…

In Asia’s waters, an assertive China means long-lasting disputes
I wonder if President Obama will bring up the People’s Republic of China’s claim to own Okinawa, Huangyan, Daiyu Island Chains…?

People’s Republic of China: The Morphing Dragon

Tomato Garden Campaign – Possible Microsoft Office zero day in the wild used against Tibet and China Democracy activists

People’s Republic of China Criticizes US For Making Weapon Plans Steal-able, Alleges Attacks From US

US-China cyber security wrangle lies ahead

Cyber disputes loom large as Obama meets China’s Xi

People’s Republic of Hacking (China) Huawei controversy flares up

People’s Republic of China’s Huawei not blocked by GCSB from broadband initiative –

British Government defends People’s Republic of China’s Huawei after MPs warn on security

Report: UK acts to soften criticisms of People’s Republic of China’s Huawei
UK Government acknowledges colonization by the People’s Republic of China is 85% complete…mandatory Mandarin Chinese classes to commence @ King’s College as offered by RUSI…

Should the UK worry about the People’s Republic of Chain’s Huawei? Nah – UK has already been colonized

UK Web privacy – outsourced to the US and People’s Republic of China? Further evidence of the UK having been colonized

The summit … America & The Middle Kingdom
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping have a chance to recast this century’s most important bilateral relationship|lea

Xi’s Not Ready – Why Obama should skip the shirt-sleeves summit with China’s new leader.

An Insider’s Guide to ‘Shirt-Sleeves Summit’

U.S. & People’s Republic of Hacking (China) to Hold Talks on Hacking
President Obama to ask President Xi about Operation Middle Kingdom

The People’s Republic of China’s New Backyard – Latin America

UK defends People’s Republic of Hacking : China telecom firm deals
Uh oh…United Kingdom in chaos over whether or not they have been colonized by the People’s Republic of China….

The Changing and Terrifying Nature of the New Cyber-Warfare
“The sky is falling, the sky is falling….!

Cyberthreats: Welcome to the New Cold War

Spooks nicking your tech? What you need is THE CLOUD – NSA boss •

US Cyber Command Redefines the Art of incompetence

Soldiers and spies

Fear the cyber enemy within or without?

U.S. Veterans Affairs Dept. repeatedly targeted by foreign hackers
Yet the US National Security Agency (NSA) collects data on US citizens worried about terrorism…who is in charge?

Semper Fi;


Guest Blog Post: Less Pwn, More Help!

By: Mick Douglas (@bettersafetynet)

The client looked at us from across the table, grimacing as they gulped the foul coffee (sure it’s awful, but hey it’s a free perk!).  They leaned in and said conspiratorially “So can you… umm… sort of… help us get the inside scoop on how we can pass this pentest?” 

I pause and close my eyes for a second.  I’ve heard pleas like this throughout my career.  If you’re a veteran pentester, no doubt you have too.  And what I always think… no matter how large or small the client…  Nobody passes pentests!   It’s their turn to suffer under our boot as we hijack the network and have shells fall down on us like rain.  Nobody… nobody passes a pentest.  There’s always a way in.  Once we’re in, we make their worst nightmares come alive right under their own nose!  No, pentests aren’t for passing.  They’re to be endured.
Strong though the predatory instinct is, I must push it aside.  The “pop ’em all” approach — while immensely fun — is not the way of the true pentester.  All too often InfoSec practitioners focus on the technical aspect of the pentest.  If you’re reading this site, chances are good you’re a techie… not a suit.  So unless fate has given you a tour of duty on the other side of the table, you have no idea what hell you’re about to bring to someone who’d rather be doing anything else than deal with you — the pentester.  Things are about to get ugly, and your shell count has nothing to do with it.  You are about to turn their world upside down in ways you cannot begin to fathom.
It doesn’t matter if you’re internal, external, a consultant… whatever… you are the enemy.. and not in the way you think.  Sure, you’re the “enemy” as The Almighty Red Team here to cause mayhem and pop boxes.  However, what you might not realize is that the havoc is just getting started once you leave the engagement.  Next to nobody will remember the pivots, the recon, or the OSINT you did.  None of that really matters… What they will remember is that “Jake the InfoSec Guy” failed at his job — miserably. But wait there’s more!  Not only did he fail, but someone — who doesn’t know our systems — was able to use freely available tools from the internet to compromise our entire network!! To make matters worse, it was done in under a week!! It’s a safe bet that soon the client will look at the budget spent on firewalls, AV, IDS, even the salaries — everything — and think “All this spending… for what? They brushed aside our best efforts as if they were nothing more than cobwebs!”
If all your client gets out of your pentest is that they’ve got a crappy infosec program, then know what? You’re a crappy pentester.  

You may hate to hear this, but you *owe* your client.  
You need to give them a complete assessment which checks for multiple paths to the victory conditions.
You need to give them reports which are understandable, actionable, and brief.
You need to teach them what you did so they can re-test for themselves.
You have to show what’s wrong, but also give them multiple options on how to fix, remediate, or compensate for the findings.
You need to offer “quick win” fixes so the infosec program can start rebuilding their credibility after you clipped their wings.
You need to give them suggestions on how to alter business operations to better avoid risks altogether.
You need to give them a road map on how to get better tomorrow… and the next day after.
You need to give and give.
Most of all, you need to give them hope.

About the Author:

Mick Douglas ( does R&D, PenTesting, and profesional services for Diebold Inc.  When he’s not doing tech stuff, he’s off in the woods somewhere hiking or trying — mostly in vain — to improve his photography chops.

Thanks to Mick for contributing. I think he’s right on with what we need to do as penetration testers. — Brent Huston

People’s Republic of Hacking…

Good day –

Here is a summary of the latest cyber threat situational awareness you should be read in on if our are serious about securing your enterprise against malevolent cyber threats from the People’s Republic of Hacking…

People’s Republic of China attempts to take high ground over US cyberattacks – Telegraph

Report: People’s Republic of China IP theft now equal in value to US exports to Asia • The Register

British MPs raise alarm over Chinese equipment in UK phone networks
It is waaay too late the United Kingdom has already been colonized by the People’s Republic of China…”Committee flags up fears that telecoms firm Huawei could be involved in spying or cyber-attacks”

Cyber experts say calling out People’s Republic of China may be working
Or…causing the People’s Republic of Hacking to make counter accusations against the United States…remember an ‘expert’ is a drip under pressure…


People’s Republic of China Seen in Push to Gain Technology Insights

Chinese Internet Chief, Huang Chengqing, (CNCERT) Hits Back At US Hacking Accusations |

People’s Republic of China is victim of hacking attacks – News – China Daily Asia
Huang Chengqing, director of the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Centre of China (CNCERT), states emphatically that the United States is the aggressor against the People’s Republic of China…

People’s Republic of China cyber security chief makes US hacking claim – E & T Magazine
Huang Chengqing, director of the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Centre of China (CNCERT), said it would be irresponsible to blame Washington for such attacks and called for greater cooperation to fight hacking.

Chinese Supercomputer Poised to Take No. 1 Ranking – China Digital Times (CDT)

The People’s Republic of China is not the world’s other superpower [Washington Post]

Dell opens a new factory in People’s Republic of China – E & T Magazine
Embedded Chinese Hacking Code installed without additional cost…

A method for “temporal cloaking” of optical communications could improve security for telecommunications.


Semper Fi…


InfoSec, The World & YOU Episode 2

Once again, Victoria Lowengart (@gisobiz) and I team up to discuss events in the real world and how they impact cyber threats. This time around we talk North Korea, Anonymous and touch on Industrial Control Systems. We also give a quick preview of Op Petrol. Check it out here:

Grab the MP3.

Thanks for listening and until next time, stay safe out there!